Where is the group from and how long have you been here?

We're all from the South originally, Chris and Matt being from north Georgia and P.M. being from Greenville, S.C., but Blackrune formed in Savannah and identifies as a Savannah band, most definitely. The band started out of the ashes of P.M.'s old project, Magic Places, in the summer of 2012, but Paul didn't play his first show with Matt until Savannah Stopover 2013, and that was where they met Chris.

Who are some of your musical influences?

It almost goes without saying these days, but we all have extremely diverse tastes and have played in a lot of different styles through the years thus far, so it can be tough to identify everything that we all bring to the table. When we describe the band to people, we usually start with familiar touchstones like Pink Floyd, who we still consider to be the masters of "space rock" and the relative kind of expansive, atmospheric mood that we try to achieve. Newer bands like Dead Meadow, Boris and Sleep help us to keep the spirit of Black Sabbath alive and well, too, and the iconoclastic, experimental attitudes of bands like Sunn 0))) and Deafheaven remain inspiring in our approach to heavy sounds. Ultimately, we all meet over a love of heavy rock music that pushes the boundaries of musical convention; things like psychedelia, noise and shoegaze. We like the term "post-rock," which is used rather broadly these days, but which we also think works for us because it implies that the musical world has moved beyond the idea of what rock music has to be. That's the big idea that we hope to support in our own personal way, and to hopefully pay fair homage to the folks who inspired us to do it along the way.

Your sound in three words:


What are some of your favorite Savannah venues and why?

At the moment, we have to speak up for our local vinyl emporium, Graveface Records & Curiosities, as a great emerging venue for both local and touring bands. It's not big, but we love intimate shows, and Graveface is one of the only all-ages venues in Savannah that's open to booking just about anything. The atmosphere of the shop always makes for a unique experience, and the shows are always cheap. On a sad note, the recently departed Sparetime was a very formative venue for us, having hosted some of our best shows and the release of P.M.'s first tape, and we'll miss them. Happily, however, we're really glad to see that Hang Fire has dusted the red tape off of themselves just in time to pick up the slack in that department, as we've had just as many great shows there, too. In conclusion, it goes without saying that the best heavy bands in Savannah still play at The Jinx, and we don't see that changing any time too soon. We'd like to see more outdoor shows happening in Savannah, too ... but that's just because we want to play them! Anyone planning a bonfire?

What's in the future for the group?

We will have our upcoming run into the Savannah festival season, and we're definitely having a good time preparing for that. We have a truckload of material to release this year, and after we finish working on the older stuff, we're headed into the studio (read: setting up P.M.'s bedroom) to record a growing list of new songs for at least another LP. All of that work will hopefully flow nicely into the East Coast tour that we have in the works for summer, and make it a superbly busy year for us all around.