Forsyth Park Farmers' Market organizers are looking forward to an extra hour of daylight starting this weekend.

Market manager Teri Schell writes in the weekly newsletter that she enjoys having the extra hour to garden after daylight saving time. 

She has been talking to Tactile Growers of Clarkston, a group of gardeners who have low vision capabilities or are legally blind and do all of their gardening through touch and smell.

"The preciseness of their dialogue about growth patterns, leaf and product health and inputs/outputs far surpasses my knowledge," Schell writes. "I've had the opportunity to speak with Raj, one of the main gardeners, twice in the past two weeks and have decided that perhaps my desire to garden at night, saving daylight for other work, may be in reach after all."

The market and its vendors and volunteers will again be out March 8 to bring Savannah the freshest produce and locally made goods available. 

Vendors include Adam's Farm, Avondale Apiary, Berry Farms, Billy's Botanicals, Carolina Plantation Rice, Clark & Sons, Flatland Farms, George Wilson, Georgia Buffalo, Green Bridge Farm, Honeydew Farm, Hunter Cattle, Joseph Fields Farm, Ogeechee River Gardens, Ozzie Mack Produce, Readee's Bees, Robert Maxwell of Alake's Pecans, Savannah River Farms, Southern Swiss Dairy, Tierra Verde Farm, Walker Farms, Castra Rota, Chocolate Lab, Cup to Cup, Exit Strategy, Foods of the Farm, Frali Gourmet, Meatless Meals, Perc, Vegetable Kingdom, Vegetable Kingdom, Verdant Kitchen and Morning Glory Natural Plants.

If you can't find your favorite vendor, organizers suggest checking  at the main market table.

Billy's Botanicals is the vendor of the week. This local aquaponics farm specializes in tilapia and an array of fruits and vegetables. Their operation is completely chemical-free and primarily greenhouse operated, with fresh products year-round. 

Representatives from the Savannah Music Festival will also be on hand to talk about all the events planned for the end of March and beginning of April. They'll be at the north end of the market.

Another way to support the market is the Friends of Forsyth Farmers' Market program. For a $25 donation, you get a market tote and a weekly discount card for the vendor of the week. Donations go toward the costs of running the market, such as insurance, banking fees, etc.

Learn more about the farmers' market here.