"The elementary school on Whitefield may not want the American Flag."

"To the person looking for ripe watermelon, go to Polk's Produce in (Pooler). They have some good ones!"

"If Bill Dawers is so pro-biking in Savannah, why did I just see him blow through the four-way stop at Kroger on his bike? That is why I do not offer respect to bicyclists, because 99.9 percent of them do not respect the laws of the road as a vehicle."

"To the person who thinks sailboats always have the right of way: They don't. They only have the right of way when tacking starboard."

"All you parents think your children are the best thing since sliced bread, but not everyone shares your opinion. Some of us think they are just as stupid as you are. Please control them!"

"I'm calling about DFCS. It is ridiculous that they tell you that you need to call them to renew benefits and then never call you back and benefits run out."

"Optimism is based on hope. Pessimism is based on experience."

"God bless the dead storm chasers. At least they died doing what they loved to do!"

"Would someone please explain to me why it is so important for someone to say they're gay? It doesn't really make sense to me."

"Regarding the 28-degree beer: Water freezes at 32 F. Alcohol has a much lower freezing point, so beer does not freeze at
32 F. You must have been asleep during that class in school."

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