The new Savannah-based label Soft Science will be unveiled with a record release show Jan. 9 at Hang Fire.

"Soft Science is dedicated to the physical release," label co-founder Gus Muller said. "We want to make as many records as we can."

The release party will include three acts that are already working with Soft Science: Wet Socks, Thee Holy Ghosts and Jeff Zagers. White Treasure is also on the bill.

The garage rock duo Wet Socks has been playing routinely at Hang Fire and seems to be as busy as they want to be. The band's first 45, "New Crush," will be for sale at the Jan. 9 show.

Attendees can also pick up Thee Holy Ghosts' new 7-inch "On My Own" and the re-release of Jeff Zagers' albums in the three-tape set "Chu's Musings."

Soft Science is also selling music by Triathalon, Sauna Heat and Bodegas. The label is also working on a full-length album with the Cretin Girls, a group based in Gainesville, Fla., that will be headed out on tour soon.

Soft Science's vinyl was recorded with Peter Mavrogeorgis at Dollhouse Productions off Lathrop Avenue in West Savannah.

"We would not be able to have those records without Peter's skills," Muller said.

Muller is already well known on the local scene. In addition to being a musician, he has been booking, promoting and producing shows through Safe // Sound, which has brought dozens of eclectic performers to town over the last three years.

Muller's partner in Soft Science is videographer and photographer Skip Terpstra. The two first met when making music videos together several years ago.

The decision to launch the new label came in part from the recent confluence of young talent in the city.

"In the last year, there's been a bunch of great bands from Savannah that have popped up," said Muller, noting the prolific output of a small cadre of former SCAD students.

Former Triathalon bass player Michael Younker launched Sauna Heat and current Triathalon guitarist Hunter Jayne is also part of Wet Socks. Triathalon itself just wrapped up a successful East Coast tour.

"It's just lucky that these six or seven people happened to be in Savannah at the same time," Muller said. "It creates momentum."

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