Single or spoken for, there's something for everyone at the Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque Revue's Va Va Valentine's show this weekend. As one of the few burlesque troupes in town, Savannah Sweet Tease distinguish themselves as throwback burlesque, with a dash of neo-burlesque. DO caught up with the heartthrobs Anita Narcisse (Erin Go Brahless), Jessica Knapp (Miss Cherry Box) and Wendy Denney (Rebel Belle) to discuss their upcoming performance at The Jinx.

It's easy to come up with shows based on holidays, of course, so what inspires your other shows that may not have a time peg?

Miss Cherry Box: A box of wine. (Laughs.) Since we're kinda in our first year, it's still really easy. We have 50,000 ideas. At this point, it's just picking out what's best for the time of year. But yeah, box of wine, and the three of us sit down and whatever makes us laugh or interests us.

Rebel Belle: And we try and think about what would interest our crowd, the people that come, what are people into. When we have Valentine's Day, of course we're going to do Valentine's Day theme. When we have Halloween, we do a Halloween theme. We have three shows in between those shows and that's when we come up with new themes. Last year, our debut show was "Calendar Girls." And a lot of times, if there's a song that we really love that inspires a theme, we go with that. But for the most part, we're trying to go with stuff that'll bring a lot of comedy and sex appeal.

And now that you're closing in on your first year together as a troupe, how has the response been?

Rebel Belle: We've been really lucky. We've done two shows in town both filled to capacity at The Jinx. We ended up having to turn away probably around 40 people to both of those shows. We're pretty overjoyed with our success. We could have never dreamed that people would be so supportive of us. It's been really great.

Miss Cherry Box: Within the first three months of us starting, our Facebook page had 1,000 likes. It was ridiculous, the outpouring. It was amazing.

How do you go about distinguishing yourselves from the other troupes?

Rebel Belle: The great thing is, I believe there are three troupes in town, but we are all very different. So there really isn't any competition there because we're all bringing something different to the table. I would say we do a little bit of neo-burlesque but it's more of a throwback of old school burlesque, like, how it all started.

Erin Go Brahless: And we make sure that all of our performers actually can establish themselves independently as artists and be creative on their own, as well.

Miss Cherry Box: The way that we put our shows on together, I don't know if anyone else does it the way we do. We have an MC that talks through the whole thing, so there's that side story going on. Our stage manager is also the comic relief; she's got her own character, too.

Rebel Belle: Each act is a chapter in an entire story that is the show. It's a production; it's very theatrical. We put a ton of work into props, costumes, scripting. Our shows our scripted with a little bit of ad lib in there for comic relief. I think that's what sets up apart.

Everyone asks if I have a date for Valentine's Day, and I say, 'Of course: Feb. 14.' (Crickets.) Would you say this is a single-friendly event?

Rebel Belle: No matter what your situation on Valentine's, this show is going to speak to you.