Moxie, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions from DO. First off, how are things on the Starship Enterprise?

Well, we are very excited to be orbiting 21st Century earth! I just hope this article doesn't change the timeline or we might have to kill you all. I'm kidding. Unless of course, this article DOES change the timeline.

We heard you're highly educated, with a double Ph.D. in xenocosmetology and astrobiology. How did you decide on that pairing, and how do both subjects aid you in your work?

It only makes sense, my dear. Biology helped us evolve into intelligent creatures; cosmetology turned us into elegant creatures. If you're going to paint a Mona Lisa, you've got to know about the canvas. Besides, when you are in the backwaters of the Alpha Quadrant and your weave replicator breaks down, knowing astrobiology can point you to habitable planets with shearable residents!

Your wigmaking skills made you an intergalactic celebrity. What made you give up being a famous fashionista to join Starfleet?

Well, it's all about duty, really. With infinite intergalactic superstardom comes certain responsibilities. I mean, you can't really promote beauty and stand by while your species rushes out into the final frontier looking like a farm girl from the provinces, now can you?

Tell us what you have planned for The Wormhole's Nerd Party on Feb. 22.

I'm not supposed to tell you this, but Mr. Spock has a plan to get us home that involves me performing comedy while looking radiant at The Wormhole. Believe me, it looks a lot more logical when you see it written down. Incidentally, do you know where I can find a whale or a nuclear submarine?

Are you again serving as Towel Day Ambassador this year?

My reign has not ended yet! I will continue to be Intergalactic Towel Day Ambassador until April. I intend to continue referring to myself as Ambassatrix until my stiff legs and hooves point permanently toward the stars. The opportunity is there for anyone to follow in my footsteps by entering a video in the Towel Day Ambassador Contest on Facebook. Voting begins at the end of March.

Any other big plans for the future?

Well, my dear, I do have a few conventions coming up, Outlantacon and Timegate to name a couple, and I'm looking for the perfect venue here in Savannah to host a local show. And I've got a new adventure premiering on my YouTube channel this very week!