Where is the group from and how long have you been in Savannah?

We all live in Savannah and got this band together last year. Mike is originally from Swainsboro, Rigel is from Nova Scotia and Micah grew up in New Orleans, so we have some diverse backgrounds.

Some of your musical influences?

Muddy Waters, Taj Mahal, The Meters, J.J. Cale.

Your sound in three words:

Juke joint blues.

What are some of your favorite Savannah venues and why?

We all have day jobs and families, so we've been lucky to be able to pick fun gigs to do at places we like and play as regularly as we want. Wherever we're playing next is our favorite. People are coming out and supporting live music, which makes it fun. Blues and roots rock always packs 'em in.

What's in the future?

Well, our only goal when we started a year ago was to occasionaly jam in Micah's attic. By any measure, we've far exceeded our own low expectations. We were invited to play Savannah Stopover and we got a great slot kicking off the big Ellis Square concert. We're going to enjoy that and we'll deliver the goods. We have some good original songs taking shape and at some point down the road, we'll do some recording. For now, we're just focused on having fun and growing as a live band.