March 7 is shaping up to be THE night to check out some international bands with non-traditional sounds. Here's some of what Savannah Stopover has lined up. For more information on all the international acts headed to town, go to

July Talk

9:30 p.m. March 7, Knights of Columbus

Toronto's July Talk loves to tour.

After touring all through the summer of 2013, July Talk returned to the studio long enough to record some new songs for the extended version of their self-titled album, then headed back out.

"We've always felt that the first record is a good introduction to the band," said vocalist Peter Dreimanis. "It was important for us to add new material because we didn't feel like that introduction was finished. We've been on the road all year; a lot has happened and there is simply more to say."

Their signature sound is a mixture of blues rock and Americana, a combination sure to fill the dance floor. Dreimanis' raspy vocals met their match against the sweet cadence of Leah Fay. Together with band members Ian Docherty, Josh Warburton and Danny Miles, July Talk's high-energy shows have earned them a reputation as the must-see indie rock band.

The Belle Game

10:30 p.m. March 7, Knights of Columbus

With their full-length album, "Ritual Tradition Habit," released in April 2013, The Belle Game is bringing its haunting dark-pop tunes to Savannah for the first time from Vancouver.

"The festival seems great. It'll be a break from winter and we love playing and visiting new cities," said lead singer Andrea Lo, whose powerful voice will stay with you long after she's done singing.

Canadian music authority Exclaim! describes them as "indie rock at its best." The band, which also includes Adam Nanji, Katrina Jones, Alex Andrew and Rob Chursinoff, has an eclectic list of influences, from Beyoncé to Neil Young to Fela Kuti to Washed Out, which may account for its unique sound.

Public Service Broadcasting

11:30 p.m. March 7, City Coffee

London-based band Public Service Broadcasting is on tour promoting the U.S. release of debut album, "Inform - Educate - Entertain." Heavily influenced by REM, Radiohead, DJ Shadow and Mogwai & Massive Attack, they juxtapose an "ethno-funk" sound against old public information films and archive material.

"It's a slightly unusual album and an unusual show, but it's good fun," said J. Willgoose, Esq., the brainchild behind the music, who along with his drumming companion, Wigglesworth, will be making his first appearance in Savannah this weekend.

"We've not been to Savannah before but we're really looking forward to it, especially after being in the frozen north for the past few days," he said. "We were asked to be a part of the Stopover. It's always nice to be asked. We were en route to Austin anyway, and it fit in really nicely with our tour, so we were happy to be able to say yes."