"You don't know who your neighbors are going to be someday."

An all true statement, especially if your neighbor turns out to be Billy Joel (happened to a friend of mine), or in the case of Floyd Lionel, a band whose members are now demigods of the metal scene.

A year ago, Lionel, a promoter for the Savannah Metal Punx company, attempted to put on a metal show at a house in Savannah. After being reassured the neighbors would be cool, SMP brought in two bands. But, alas, the neighbors were not cool.

After multiple complaints, Lionel moved the show to The Wormhole. As some might recall, The Wormhole is now going through the same problem with several of its neighbors in an uproar over the "noise."

When life throws you roadblocks, the best way to respond is with a firm middle finger and stiff attitude of determination. Along with SMP, Black Southern Death Cult will present the second annual "FTN: It's A Mini-Metal Fest" on March 12 at Dollhouse Productions.

What does the FTN preceding the name mean? The last two words are "The Neighbors." (I'll let your imagination run with it.)

"A lot of people are having troubles with neighbors, so as far as the music scene goes, we're letting out a little frustration," Lionel said. "The thing that kills me is that a lot of great bands have come out in Savannah in the last few years, and not just metal bands - all kinds of music. You don't know who your neighbors are going to be someday."

While living in Atlanta some years back, Lionel was invited to a show by his neighbors. He had never heard of their band, but obliged to go.

Of course, that unknown band would be the Grammy Award nominated metallurgist Mastodon - "the greatest metal band of their generation," according to Rolling Stone.

"There's a great scene for metal music in Savannah, and for all kinds of music," Lionel said. "These are bands that are going to start playing in their living room or basement. It's really time for the city of Savannah to embrace the music and what's going on here.

"For everybody, whether you're into metal or country or whatever. There's a lot of good music in Savannah," Lionel added.

The one-night festival will feature six metal bands. Headlining the tonal insurgency is California's Exmortus, a thrash death metal band with a huge following and seven very stellar albums, including 2014's "Slave to the Sword."

Alongside Exmortus will be Greenfield, Mass., band Lich King and from Atlanta, the power death metal sounds of Death Kings.

The touring acts will share the stage with three local groups, Shadow of Creation, Beard and Void/Icon.

Beard released a self-titled, four-song EP in November 2012. The band is labeled as "Orc Slaying Metal from Savannah." Enough said.

Shadows of Creation and Void/Icon have several songs available for listening online. All three bands are members of Savannah's now legendary metal scene, a class of musicians that requires talent and holds no punches.

Leave the progeny at home - this is a 21 and older show. Tickets are now on sale at www.brownpapertickets.com.