As anyone who has ever bothered to read "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," or heck, anyone who has ever walked down Jefferson Street knows, Club One is never short on dance parties.

March 8, though, brings a different kind of dance party to the legendary nightspot, as the stage will be graced not by the Lady Chablis, but a great up-and-coming band that has already mastered the art of moving your butt.

Wild Party hails from Texas, but its sound recalls bygone eras of New York. Imagine if The Strokes and They Might Be Giants managed to raise four boys and supply them with a relatively happy childhood. That should give you a starting point for appreciating this band and its pursuit of pop melody gold.

Vocalist Lincoln Kreifels, who would have been a great member of any band during the '80s new wave heyday, is the cornerstone here, his voice the atmosphere that allows the rest of band, guitarist Lucas Hughes, bassist Jake Kreifels (Lincoln's brother) and drummer Ethan Kaufmann, to build on beats that move from straight-ahead dance to street-side shuffles, crafting songs that are definitely pop, but grounded enough to keep from spilling over into drippy-sweet schlock.

Wild Party has been touring and recording for almost three solid years, and their EP, "All Nighter," displays a confidence that has been earned. Every one of the four songs fills your ears, but never feels busy. Theirs is a sound that isn't saturated like so much indie pop these days, but simply filled to the point of being full.

Take a listen to the track, "Take My Advice," and you'll see a perfect example of a song that is done, but not overdone. Modern pop music is often like the Three Bears - we celebrate both minimalism and maximalist production, but Wild Party will absolutely win you over with "just right" tunes to dance to.

It won't be too long before both this band is playing solely in arenas and amphitheaters; in fact, many of the tour dates are just that. But you, dear people of Savannah, can see Wild Party now in an intimate space that will feel huge once they fill it with some phenomenal, joyful and easy-to-dance-to pop music.