Pile, out of Boston, is made up of Matt Becker, Matt Connery, Kris Kuss and Rick Maguire. To label what these guys do would necessitate a list of about every genre and sub-genre one could think of, or even make up; something like, indie-drone-grunge-folk-fusion, or alternative-post-gaze-core. With a host of records and EPs under their belts, Pile is back out on the road to convince a nation (hitting Savannah along the way) that it doesn't matter what you call them, just as long as you never call them boring - or not loud enough - never say they aren't loud enough.

They'll bring the noise to Savannah Stopover at 10 p.m. March 7 at The Jinx.

The following is a conversation with Pile bassist Matt Connery, attempting, and likely failing yet again, to pin down the band's sounds and what they do to make them:


Pile's sound runs the rock gamut, so who's your musical heritage? What were you listening to that got you into music? Who would be your musical brethren?

Connery: Becker has a really impressive knowledge of music. It's annoying. Seriously, he knows so many bands.

He just loves music. He likes loud music. I know that Rick listens to lots of different stuff, but he always was super into the Jesus Lizard, Fugazi, The L'il Chodies, Drexel and more. He listens to a pretty wide and eclectic mix of music. Weird stuff.

Kris: a huge Nick Cave fan, from Grinderman to his soundtrack work. He's also into Radiohead and Future of the Left (which we're all huge fans of).

I mostly listen to punk. I've been super into An-Atta, Antischism, Antiproduct, Appalachian Terror Unit and a lot of other bands that start with the letter 'A.'


For the uninitiated, what's a Pile show like? What should Savannah expect to see?

Connery: A Pile show is an incredibly loose experience. We don't write set lists; 90 percent of the time the banter is Rick or I saying, "uhhhh," a lot, and I stand with my back to the crowd. When one of us (Editor: let's say he said messes) up, we all look at each other, but we've been not (again, uh, messing) up a lot lately.

Kris sometimes drops his sticks but either manages to like, grab it out of the air or pick up a new one smoothly - it's actually quite impressive sometimes - and Becker has his mouth open super wide when he plays and gets absurdly sweaty.


Lastly, what's the best/weirdest compliment you've ever received after a show?

Connery: The best that I have for you is this dude Hayden. Hayden really likes our band and the other Exploding in Sound bands. The first time he saw us, he drove like three hours to get there.

He was gesturing with his hand above his head, going like, "You guys are awesome; you guys are up here. And this band is here and this band is here," lowering his hand each band's name, and then reiterating, "And you guys are here," raising his hand above his head again. And then he pauses, and says, "But Grass is Green! Grass is Green is up here!" and raises his hand as high as he could go.

It was awesome. And he's right, Grass is Green is amazing. I need to get their new record.