The Southern Soul Assembly concert at the picturesque Ships of the Sea North Garden is being billed as a "one-of-a-kind artist-in-the-round performance" and features a top-shelf lineup of musicians.

Alligator Records' JJ Grey and singer/songwriter Anders Osborne will perform along with the phenomenally talented Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi All-Stars) and "bayou soul" rock and soul guitarist Marc Broussard.

This is the first time these four musicians will share a stage, and the all-acoustic set showcasing their mix of Southern-influenced styles should prove to be an exciting amalgam of blues, rock, R&B, gospel and soul, sure to stir the hearts and quicken the ears of anyone lucky enough to attend.

Jacksonville's JJ Grey is of course most famous for his work with his band Mofro. Together, they play funky Southern rock grooves that tell bittersweet stories of longing and loss with a sound the New Yorker calls "simmering ... and propulsive."

It'll be interesting to see how Grey fuses his particular flavor of storytelling with the diverse styles of Osborne, Dickinson and Broussard.

For his part, the Swedish-born Anders Osborne now resides in the Big Easy and writes songs that deal with moving from "a whirlwind of emotional chaos" to "a sense of inner peace." He's received numerous accolades from Offbeat magazine, including Best Songwriter for three years going and Best Rock Artist.

Both Broussard and Dickinson also bring their own regional vernacular to the proceedings. Marc Broussard is the son of Louisiana Hall of Fame guitarist Ted Broussard and plays bayou-inflected roots Americana, while Memphis-born Luther Dickinson has worked in the past with the Black Crowes and produces a more rock 'n' roll sound. Together, all four musicians will bring their individualized and idiosyncratic takes on what the sound of the South means, and hopefully create something wholly new.

Each has expressed an anxious excitement to share the stage with the others, and none of them know quite what to expect, but whatever it is should be a wonder to behold. They've all made it clear they are all very much looking forward to the unique collaboration. The interplay that will emerge from these rich perspectives - through a night that will include various solos, duets and trios, as well as quartet performances, of course - is sure to be more than worth the price of admission.