Where is the group from and how long have you been in Savannah?

Kailey and Jeff are natives of Savannah. Andy is originally from upstate New York and has lived in Richmond Hill for the past eight years. Mark is originally from New Jersey and relocated to Richmond Hill nine years ago. The band as a unit identifies Savannah as its hometown and was originally formed under another name by Jeff and Andy in February of 2012. The fall of 2012 brought Kailey's entrance into the band along with the name, The Blurry Aftermath. In the spring of 2013, Mark came along and solidified the present lineup.

The band that everyone knows as The Blurry Aftermath is really only about a year old.

Some of your musical influences?

With songs spanning from the '60s to today, The Blurry Aftermath's song list is designed and intended to offer any age listener a "wow" moment. Each member brings such a wide array of musical influences to the table, making it exceedingly difficult to list. The band's core musical preferences are any song from the rock lexicon that is upbeat, honest and on the edgier side ... we are all over the rock planet.

Your sound in three words:

Upbeat, powerful, engaging.

What are some of your favorite Savannah venues and why?

A difficult question, as we play more outside of "Savannah" than in town itself. Hopefully this article will change that ratio.

The Britannia is a great pub where the present lineup made its debut, so it will always hold a special place in our hearts. The Warehouse is a great place to play for the intimacy that it offers, its historic character and welcoming patrons.

We consider Richmond Hill our second home. Each and every bar in that town has opened their arms to us, granting us more opportunities to get stage time under our collective feet. The Jukebox and Flashback always offer up good times and great people.

What's in the future?

We hope to continue doing what each of us loves most, having fun while making music together and performing it for the wonderful people here in the Coastal Empire. We are constantly adding new songs to our repertoire to ensure that we never stagnate or become stale. This is a tedious and arduous task because we maintain high standards and have a certain criteria that must be met prior to a song being voted in. However, it is a labor of love; we always want to do our very best for the people who come to see us.

Kailey and Mark are in the process of writing what they like to call song seeds: riffs or lyrical ideas that will blossom into full songs once Jeff and Andy add their musical thumbprints to them. We have quickly come to the realization that we are not just a bunch of individuals playing our respective instruments, but a band that makes music together. The songwriting process will support this realization, hopefully yielding results that parallel the successes we have enjoyed covering the music of those who inspired us to become musicians and have touched others' lives in so many ways.

Anything else to add?

Our approach from the very beginning was a brave and risky one; we gravitated to the edgier, off-the-beaten path songs rather than playing the old standards. Yes, there are a handful of songs we perform that are the comfortable old jeans of the cover circuit here in Savannah, but they are the exception and not the rule. Needing to perform almost four hours of music affords us the luxury of throwing a sonic curveball at the listener, which has paid off with the positive feedback we consistently receive. We know this band's collective voice and honor that by carefully selecting songs that we all can feel, believe in and properly execute.

We are so thankful for the gargantuan love and support of our families and friends; the bar owners, who in many cases took a chance booking us sight unseen; and the patrons of those bars, who love listening to the music we love performing for them. It is truly an honor to be part of the musical community here in Savannah.