Kenny Zimlinghaus is a ladies man.

The briefest foray into his name or website will bring up his face in one picture after another, smiling with his adoring female fans.

It's a distinction among his fans that many male stand-up comedians would love to emulate - but it has less to do with his act, and more to do with his eight-year-running radio show on Sirius XM.

"It used to be on Cosmo radio," he says, "So the audiences tend to be largely women. That, and the men they've dragged along with them."

That's not to suggest, however, that his act is tailored toward women. In fact, Zimlinghaus covers a particularly wide berth of topics, making it pretty clear that a great time is in order for anyone who comes to his show at The Wormhole at 8 p.m. April 5.

This level of flexibility certainly comes in handy when it comes to balancing a career in radio with the unending road tours of a comedian. Long Island raised, Zimlinghaus finds himself spending his weeks on the air, and his weekends in any number of cities. The weekend he finds himself in Savannah is sandwiched by some time in Florida, and then a trip to Texas a couple of weeks later.

And one thing is for sure: he's ready for a little Southern weather.

"It's snowing here in New York," he makes a point of saying after I describe the decidedly beautiful spring week we're having in Savannah.

His terrific sense of humor comes as no surprise to any who have followed him on the radio waves. Of course, the toughest part about being a radio host is getting an audience to listen to you in the first place, and Zimlinghaus covered that easily, getting his start as the youngest radio host Boston's WFNX Radio has ever had. Since then, he's covered his share of regions, including a three-year stint as co-host and head writer for the "Storm and Kenny Radio Show" on 96WAVE in Charleston before yo-yoing back up to New York, where he still works today.

"I absolutely love doing radio," Zimlinghaus says. "But stand-up comedy is my favorite thing in the world."

With a true sense of style and sharp sense of humor, Zimlinghaus is definitely a performer to see. He'll be joined by comedy veteran Carlo Valencia's triumphant return to Savannah, along with an amazing kaleidoscope of local performers all set to shatter your funny bone.