The seasons are shifting within the Savannah music community as promotional outfit Dad Joke and one of the city's most recognizable punk bands, Cray Bags (formerly Crazy Bag Lady), close a chapter on their time in the scene.

This weekend, though, they will go out firing with a massive two-day show.

Crazy Bag Lady stormed out in late 2013, playing any stage that would have them. Over their first year as a band, they played multiple times a week, and often with a slew of new songs. The prolific punk band released their first album, "Hunks," in 2015 on Retro Futurist Records. Retro Futurist is a Savannah label founded by members of Kylesa.

They followed that album up with self-released "Beauty Love" in 2016, following a re-branding effort that changed the name of the band to Cray Bags. Two years ago, frontman Joshua Sterno and drummer Daniel Lynch started booking shows in Savannah.

Sterno and Lynch were later joined by Joseph Kapcin and together they began booking shows under the name Dad Joke. Over the last two years, Dad Joke has booked about 45 concerts in Savannah, ranging from the two-day Punk Mess festivals to single-night shows, house shows and a number of other odds and ends, including bands from several different genres and styles.

The Dad Joke Weekendmania, running May 12-13 at The Jinx and featuring 15 bands, was originally intended to be Punk Mess 3, the group's annual all-punk, two-day festival. But Sterno and company booked more than just punk bands on this bill, and so they changed the name. In the mix of bands this weekend is a legion of punk-influenced styles, including hardcore punk, garage rock and post-punk.

The bash is more than just another massive DIY punk show, though. It's also a farewell to Dad Joke and a temporary goodbye to Cray Bags' idiot punk, as they call him.

Lynch will be headed out of town next month, moving himself and his solo music project Sunglow to Chicago. (Read more about Lynch's final show in next week's issue of Do Savannah.) This will be the last Dad Joke-promoted show for the foreseeable future.

Cray Bags is also announcing a hiatus, with their last show happening during Dad Joke Weekendmania.

"It doesn't feel right to move Dad Joke on without Daniel," Sterno said. "I am sure he'd want me to keep it going. I am going to keep booking shows."

One of Dad Joke's strongest attributes came in the form of unknowns. Throughout its tenure, Dad Joke brought a wide range of unknown or lesser-known bands to Savannah from within the punk genre's large family of sounds. But they also brought some larger names to Savannah, like The Coffin Daggers, Sick Thoughts, Tight Genes and Golden Pelicans.

"I enjoyed bringing new bands here that no one's heard of," Sterno said. "... A lot of the time, people end up loving them. That's something I enjoy. That's a major factor, and helping bands have a place to play and stay. Helping the Savannah music community in general."

Friday's lineup will feature Savannah's own punk outfit Greta O. & The Toxic Shock, which includes members of Cray Bags; Hannie & The Slobs out of Athens; The Lipschitz, another Lynch side project; Eskizo, with crust punk out of Macon; hardcore group Bad Example; and Atlanta d-beat outfit Strategic War Heads.

Saturday opens with Savannah's own garage/psych-rock band Rude Dude and The Creek Freaks, followed by Orlando garage-punk rockers Bubble Boys; Curleys out of Gainesville; Atlanta's post-punk band Uniform; Nashville's Datenight and Spodee Boy; and Savannah staples COEDS.

Gino & The Goons out of Tampa will also play and are one of Sterno's favorites on this year's lineup. Cray Bags will close out Saturday night with the band's final show for a while.

"At least for me, I can't say that I've done anything," Sterno said. "I would hope that someone has come out of our shows happy - both Cray Bags and Dad Joke. I hope one of these bands I've booked, someday people will be like yeah, those guys played Savannah. I don't really care if they don't remember who booked them.

"Just remember that they were here."


What: The Dad Joke Weekendmania

When: 9 p.m. May 12-13

Where: The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St.

Cost: $10 each day