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The Chromatic Dragon offers a new spot for brews, grub and games

  • The Chromatic Dragon on MLK Blvd. offers cocktails, food and gaming.
  • The Chromatic Dragon on MLK Blvd. offers cocktails, food and gaming.

The Chromatic Dragon offers a new spot for brews, grub and games

18 May 2015

Savannah’s geek culture has grown exponentially since The Guild Hall’s opening in May 2014.

The Guild Hall became a nerd haven of sorts with gaming, role playing, cosplay and various guilds for creators of all types. Clegg Ivey and Jacob Heider, co-founders of The Guild Hall, decided to create The Chromatic Dragon based on members’ needs for good food, live entertainment and adult beverages.

What makes the pub unique when compared to other venues is that people are able to play video games and trivia while dining.


Address: 514 MLK Jr. Blvd.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday-Wednesday and 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Thursday-Saturday


“We want to create an awesome environment as a part of a community in which people can feel at home, and feel like they ‘click’ with other patrons right away. We think there is something pretty special about that feeling,” said Ashlee Perkins, senior director of marketing for The Guild Hall.

Chef Bret Gnat heads up The Chromatic Dragon’s kitchen. Perkins said that during the search for a head chef for the new venue, they hosted a cooking interview at Cohen’s Retreat where Chef Kirk Blaine stayed with the candidates to evaluate their skills, cleanliness and professionalism.

“When Bret’s food came out to us, we were already wowed, but what spoke volumes was when Chef Kirk said, ‘He is a star. You need him in your kitchen. And if you don’t hire him, I will.’ So we knew we had to scoop him up quickly,” Perkins said.

The Chromatic Dragon is located on The Guild Hall’s campus, so people are able to enjoy the pub by itself or explore the many events.

“We are very lucky to have an amazing outdoor space with a stage, a covered pavilion and room for about 80 people,” Perkins said. “You can bet we’ll be eager to use this space to showcase live events that appeal to our unique crowd.”

Perkins said you won’t find the average cover bands at The Chromatic Dragon.

“If you were at The Guild Hall’s big kickoff party, GuildCon, last year, you’ll remember bands like Artificial Fear, who performs metal covers of popular songs from video games. When you hear the ‘Ocarina of Time’ theme on an electric guitar, it really gets your nostalgia flowing,” she said.

“We definitely want to make sure the performances at The Chromatic Dragon fit the expectation of our guests, so things like improv comedy shows and local performances will be common. I think, eventually, our unique events will draw customers from all around the southeast, not just Savannah.”

The pub also offers outdoor games in a beer garden with a giant Jenga set, cornhole and billiards.

“For me, this is a really personal project. As a self-proclaimed nerd who gets equally ‘geeked’ about business strategy, I consider The Chromatic Dragon my baby,” Perkinssaid.

“I can’t tell you how many times my friends and I wanted to get out of the house or away from the traditional local game store to get a bite to eat and a beer and continue our game. And while there are a few restaurants in town who allow us to play games, there really aren’t any that welcome gamers with open arms.”