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ManiFest 2015 to explore the power of sound

  • Photo by Molly Hayden. Savannah musician Matthew Duplessie will lead a musical concert experience during the ManiFest to bring awareness of the transformative power of sound.
  • Photo by Molly Hayden. ManiFest 2015 is set for July 17.

ManiFest 2015 to explore the power of sound

13 Jul 2015

ManiFest 2015 is the first of many conscious gatherings of the healing arts community to raise awareness of the transformative power of sound, frequency and vibration as powerful tools of self-expression.

Set for July 17 in Morrell Park along the Savannah River, the fest is tailored as a community event punctuated with a sound and music concert experience led by Savannah musician Matthew Duplessie.

For Duplessie, music is paramount to expression.


What: ManiFest 2015 — Healing Arts Gathering & Sound Healing Experience

When: 3-8 p.m. July 17

Where: Morrell Park, east end of River Street

Cost: Free




3 p.m. Opening Water Blessing Ceremony

3:15 p.m. Storytelling and Handpan Drums

3:45 p.m. Argentine Tango Dance

4:15 p.m. Guzheng and Native American Flute

4:45 p.m. Sacred Sound Circle Chants

5:15 p.m. Laughing Yoga Circle

5:25 p.m. Gratitude Circle/Angel Walk Experience

6:25 p.m. Sound Healing and Movement Concert

7:20 p.m. Rhythmic Interactive Percussion Experience Drum Circle

“I was shy as a kid growing up and I didn’t know how to express myself,” said Duplessie, adding that when got into music around the age of 19, it changed him. “It was such a cathartic experience in my life, experiencing that internal energy. I was diving deep into the world of sound and started to understand the healing power of it.”

Duplessie continues to harness the power within him. He sees a correlation between the conscious choices we make in the world and our own personal manifestations — a play on words that nods to the festival title.

“It’s easy to see that correlation and the change that it brings,” he said. “When we realize the power, we can look at the thoughts we have about others, and ourselves, and know we have a conscious choice in everything we do.”

It was a conscious choice for Duplessie to hold the fest at Morrell Park, as it represents a balancing force on River Street. Located on the east end, the park is in stark contrast and freely void of the tchotchke shops and candy stores lining the cobblestone street to the west. It’s long and narrow, shaded by crepe myrtle and shares space with the famed Waving Girl statue.

Additionally, it’s one of more than 200,000 locations worldwide to possess a peace pole. The obelisk reads “May Peace Prevail on Earth” on each of its four sides, written in various languages.

For Duplessie, it’s a global reminder of our worldly connection and the need to create a space for all to share their unique truths, expressed through finding inner harmony in the body, mind and spirit.

Music is just one of many ways to achieve this, he said. And in addition to the sound healing concert, the event will feature a gratitude circle with a blessing, interactive drumming, singing, chanting and dancing, healing arts demonstrations and vendors, all set within a family friendly environment of connection and shared awareness.

“I want to blur the line between performer and audience participation to make the fest more intention based,” Duplessie said. “To educate and bring awareness.”

It’s also a way to introduce Savannah to the healing arts community.

“It’s a community connecting experience,” he continued. “We share our gifts collectively, network and come together. It shows people what the local culture is really like. We’re expressing our own power of community.”

Duplessie moved to Savannah from Ohio in 2008 to attend Savannah College of Art and Design. He said he was heavily influenced by the creative culture and understands the uniqueness of the town.

“This festival is my gift to Savannah for all it’s given me,” he said.