When you think of your mattress, you don't envision using it to win a race, right? But Tommy Linstroth, CEO of Trident Sustainability Group, isn't your typical boring idea guy.

His Savannah-based nonprofit, Sustainativity, is dedicated to helping other nonprofits be greener and more sustainable through direct investments - a task which isn't always easy when the budgets for most nonprofits are tight to say the least.

But his group helped local food bank America's Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia save more than $3,000 annually after retrofitting light fixtures and installing occupancy sensors to control energy use.

Now it's time for the group to begin its second partnership and provide a green retrofit of the Historic Savannah Foundation offices.

So to raise money for this project, Linstroth decided to think outside the box and come up with a unique fundraiser, and the Mattress Dash was born. The event takes place Sept. 28 in the south end of Forsyth Park. Races begin at 1 p.m.

"I saw the idea in Charleston and I knew we could do it here, and hopefully we can do it better," he said.

According to Linstroth, teams consist of five people.

"The team is responsible for building a frame that can hold a twin-size mattress and has four wheels."

He explains that one teammate rides the mobile mattress while the other four teammates push the contraption as fast as they can for 150 yards.

Teams are responsible for taking all their materials back home with them, but Linstroth doesn't anticipate any mattress mishaps or disasters - just a fun, clean race.

"You can use your own mattress that you sleep on, and take it right back home at the end of the race."

And while costumes are not required, team themes and costumes definitely add to the hilarity of people pushing large, wheeled carts through Forsyth Park.

"Corporate teams are really getting behind the idea of costumes and themes," he said.

And whichever team can complete the 150-meter dash the fastest will take home the fame and glory as "Fastest Team."

Other titles include Greenest Racing Frame, Judge's Choice and People's Choice, and of course, awards have been created out of reclaimed materials. Prizes like gift cards will also be given out, and racers get the chance to benefit a great cause.

"It's going to be a unique event, and we hope we have a lot of success so we can repeat for years to come," Linstroth said.