1980s rock group Jackyl has been announced as the headliner at the Nov. 9 Rock 'n' Roll Savannah Marathon. Below is information from the event's organizers. You can learn more about the race here and about the band here. Celebrate your 13.1 or 26.2 mile accomplishment with a rockin' headliner concert in Forsyth Park with Jackyl.  Dawn your 80's duds for the post race concert with headliner Jackyl! Forsyth Park won't know what decade it's in once we've rocked it! Multi-platinum selling Jackyl has long since validated itself as America's Rock Band!  Jackyl's legacy of its wild, untamed and uncouth approach to rock 'n' roll is well established.  The band hit the scene and immediately began firing off rock radio hits like "Down on Me," "When Will it Rain," "I Stand Alone," and most notably, "The Lumberjack" during which lead singer Jesse James Dupree performs a chainsaw solo. The introduction of Jackyl's fifth instrument on album and in concert quickly became one of the band's many trademarks as the group blazed a path to infamy, sharing the stage with Aerosmith, Kiss and ZZ Top.