Want to learn something? Head to Mellow Mushroom on West Liberty Street about 3 p.m. Dec. 7. That's where you'll find Savannah's top-shelf trivia teams in a bout for this season's Bar Exam trophy.

More than 100 players on at least 16 teams are expected at the event, said Cameron Smith of Pubstar Entertainment, which hosts trivia competitions four nights a week at local bars.

While the normal trivia nights are open to anyone, the twice-yearly Bar Exam is a qualified tournament. Only the top quiz whizzes get in, but anyone who wants to eat or drink at Mellow can swing by to watch.

"We keep track of everybody's points," Smith said. "We have two seasons a year. These are teams that are the top 25 scorers."

Teams, which range from two to eight players, write down answers to questions posed by Smith. The questions, he said, will cover just about everything.

"The idea is to be as general and as evenly distributed as possible," he said. "If I'm asking a music question that's from the '90s or the 2000s, then I'm going to ask one that's from the '60s. If I'm asking a difficult geography question, I'll ask another question that'll balance it out. Then there's gotta be some pop culture in there.

"I'm trying to touch on everybody's strengths and their weaknesses."

Pubstar hosts trivia nights that are free and open to anyone at several restaurants and bars around the Savannah area, including World of Beer and McDonough's downtown, Snazzy's Hot Wings & Sassy Things in Pooler and, starting Dec. 4, Bub-Ba-Q on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Smith said the first-place team will get $700 cash, the second-place team $300 and the third-place team $100. Other prizes will include gift cards and other swag.

"There's definitely a chance for everybody to win," Smith said.

This time around, the big winners get a custom beer-themed trophy called the Star Cup.

"They're going to say what bar they represent, and the Star Cup will go live at that bar on display until the next season," Smith said.