In recent months, Graveface Records & Curiosities has transformed its shop in the Starland District into a premiere all-ages rock 'n' roll venue, bringing in stellar touring acts alongside some of the best of the local scene.

Continuing on that curve, local power-emo band Big Awesome will be joined by New Orleans' space-emo/remedial math group Tare and Knoxville, Tenn.-based indie rock band Lions for yet another cheap and stupendous rock show in Savannah's unholy haven for vinyl.

Tare formed in the Big Easy less than a year ago, and has already put out an eight-track EP, "By Proxy."

Formed by guitarists Josh Campbell and Zachary Meredith after another project they were involved in fell apart, Tare draws influences ranging from the Japanese band Toe to the Deftones.

Built around a symbiotic and harmonic relationship of guitar work, Tare's emo-rock dips into some math rock in the rhythmic structures, but it's not a conscious idea for the quartet.

"We call it remedial math because certain parts turn out to be math," Campbell said. "We play in five (5/4) and switch to four (4/4) real quick. We're not trying to do crazy stuff with it. It's only math rock when we look back at it. Math rock in review."

As the young project is still evolving in its sound, the band works on a fluid basis when it comes to songwriting. In addition to the tracks from the self-recorded and self-released EP, the band is continually writing new material and testing it out on the road.

"We're still pretty excited about it," Campbell said. "Figuring out how we play together. It's coming pretty quickly. Someone will come with a part and we all arrange it together. We were writing a part the other night and we didn't know how complicated to make it. We can do anything, it's just knowing what exactly is cool."

While the band is based in the home of big brass, they are not informed by the standard New Orleans music, but rather draw an aesthetic from the spirit of the city.

"For whatever reason, it's a city that draws creative people," bassist Dustin Poelker said. "That was part of the reason I moved here. New Orleans has such a musical history, even though I don't play New Orleans music. The creative things are the reason we're here."

While touring with his former band, Campbell met the guys from Lions.

"We just found each other on the Internet," he said. "It was just like dating."

The Dec. 17 show is not the first time these three bands have played together. Lions and Tare were joined in New Orleans by Big Awesome for a show a while back. This will be Tare's first show in Savannah.

Big Awesome formed in 2010, and after several lineup changes, has settled on a trio that includes Lions' drummer Nathan Larson. A nontraditional lineup of members who live in different states also set the stage for a nontraditional recording process for the new album.

Bluffton residents Colin Czerwinski and John Blanken are the heart of Big Awesome, and have spent almost two years finishing the band's first full-length album, "Party On."

After playing a lineup with Lions in Knoxville with his other band, Henrietta, Czerwinski began talking to the gents from Lions about Big Awesome. In the conversation, Larson volunteered his drumming services and Big Awesome's new lineup was set.

The two Lowcountry residents recorded the guitar and bass parts and then sent the recordings to Larson, who finished the drums sections.

"It's finished; it should be coming out in January and it feels good to have this thing recorded, finally," Czerwinski said.

If the single, "Foliage," off the forthcoming record is any indication, the new album will catch some attention. The catchy bass line, rock anthem and introspective lyrics in "Foliage" chug on the chorus and swoon on the verses - a complete package of a rock 'n' roll tune.

While all three bands on this lineup have a similar sound, they each bring a little something different to the Graveface stage for a show that should not disappoint.