Everything is Terrible! is coming to Graveface Records on Dec. 13 to drop a psychedelic neutron bomb on your synapses with their weird and wonderful holiday-themed montage of whacked-out found footage.

This ain't your momma's Christmas spectacular. Their holiday touring show is a spastic, slapstick, free-for-all phantasmagoria of VHS clips from 1980s Christmas specials, crazy commercials and who-the-hell-knows-what miscellanea, compiled into a fast and furious video hallucination with images that will burn into your retinas with extreme prejudice.

According to senior member Commodore Gilgamesh, the genesis of their bizzaro project came about somewhat auspiciously in the early aughts.

"Everything Is Terrible! as a whole was born out of a group of artists, video editors and musicians originally from Ohio," he said. "We would get together with the aim of sharing and remixing VHS clips. We started sharing these re-edits on a blog that eventually gained international attention, and from there we began to make feature-length movies out of this footage, which we toured the U.S. and Canada with.

"We've always tried to present these videos in the most visually stimulating and [Editor's note: Let's pretend he used the word 'messed' here] up fashion that we could cook up. We've built puppets, sets and full-body mascot costumes that we've used to present these live shows. As our presence has grown on the Internet, our tours have been able to expand in scope and scale, and we're always impressed with what we've been able to get away with!"

And what better place to host such fun-filled goings on than Graveface Records & Curiosities on Savannah's south side? Graveface is smack dab in the middle of the ever-growing and animated Starland District and is as eccentric as the show they're hosting. In addition to the new and used vinyl they stock, they also feature an assortment of old-school toys and video games and of course, taxidermy. What better way to experience an acid trip holiday special, but in a room filled with dead animals?

As for the presentation itself, Everything is Terrible! has been collecting material for years, so it should very well live up to every peculiar expectation.

"Our holiday special has grown out of five years of collecting and remixing holiday-themed footage each year for our website," said Commodore Gilgamesh. "The live portion of the show is basically our version of a middle-school stage play focusing on the battle of competing influences on the holiday season!"

And they also want to make sure to let everyone know to bring any VHS tapes of Jerry Maguire they may have laying around to contribute to their ongoing collection. EIT! has the world's largest cache of Jerry Maguire movies on tape, clocking in at more than 6,000 and counting, and they need to feed the beast, so bring a copy if you have one.

This is the first time Everything is Terrible! hits Savannah, so come down and expose yourself to some high-octane weirdness before the holidays.