No matter if you're 4 or 94, the fifth annual Halo Agency Christmas Extravaganza is sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

"It's a roller coaster ride of singers singing Christmas music, dancers of all genres dancing to Christmas songs, actors performing funny Christmas monologues and six different fashion shows," said Stephanie Duke, director of Halo Models & Talent Group.

Every year, the group gives dozens of performers a chance to showcase their talent in front of hundreds of people. Along with singing and dancing, the show will feature two children's fashion shows, two adult fashion shows and special scenes from local shops BleuBelle Boutique and Fab'rik Boutique.

During the "Christmas Wildcard" runway scene, more than 50 models will strut down the catwalk in personally designed fashions made entirely from Christmas decorations, a part of the show where Duke says anything goes.

"The audience doesn't know the order of the show, so they are entertained non-stop throughout the evening," Duke said. "We have a 4-year-old girl singing and we have a 24-year-old singing.

"From children to singers, from fashion to dancers, the show really has it all."

Duke said the show also serves as a an opportunity for growth, as it helps performers build their self-confidence and brings together both beginners and those with more experience for the same reason: love of the arts.

Performers not only bring their A-game for the audience, but for talent scouts, as well.

This year, the agency will be flying in talent scout John Shea with Frontier Booking based out of New York City.

"We are excited to prove to him that the most talented performers are not just in NYC," Duke said.

Savannah-based agencies, including Savannah Magazine, will also be on the lookout for local talent and according to Duke, there is no short supply.

Many of the participating performers have booked jobs with Kohl's, Hewlett Packard, Enmark and Belk.

"Remember how special and exciting Christmas used to be? As we get older, we get busy and the holidays become more of a chore than a special and joyful time of the year," Duke said.

"The Christmas show is for anyone that needs a jolt of holiday cheer.

"If you're a bah humbug, you won't leave the show as one. Santa will be sure of that - he may even walk right by you!"