If you requested more punk rock music for Christmas in your letter to Santa, then that bearded imitation of Odin has answered your supplication.

(Also, you should write more letters, but to real people. Like your grandparents or random friends.)

Well, Graveface Records & Curiosities has answered your request.

Two days after some celebrate Christmas, three days after some finish Hanukkah, the day after Kwanzaa begins and four days after Festivus, the local vinyl-monger will be hosting a massive $5, yeah five dollar, "Christmastime Extravaganza!" with some pretty dope touring acts, and one pretty killer local band.

Out of the now legendary Washington, D.C., punk scene, two monsters of the re-emerging scene will make an appearance in Savannah: Protester and Public Suicide. Coming from the greater Massachusetts area, or Boston as it's known in the South, will be Some Nerve.

Joining the heavyweights on stage is local female-fronted, male-backed garage punk act Toxic Shock. (Not that gender division should inform any rankings when it comes to artistic expression. I only note it here, because I personally enjoy stereotype destruction.)

The touring bands are stopping off in Savannah en route to the F.Y.A. Fest in Orlando, Fla., where they will be playing alongside acts like Down To Nothing, Cold World, Bitter End and Incendiary, to name a few.

Protester's straight-edged punk can be heard on two demos and a 7-inch EP, all available on the group's bandcamp page. If hard copies are your thing, they will most likely have some in tow, so bring extra dough.

Protester and Public Suicide, which also has a 7-inch EP and demos available, represent the best of D.C. hardcore, and seem to be direct descendants of some of the biggest acts (see Minor Threat, S.O.A., etc.) to come out of that the infamous underground scene with its pull-no-punches, loud, aggressive, in-your-face rock 'n' roll.

The Massachusetts quartet Some Nerve serves up a similar sound as the D.C. boys, with their own monster flavor of speed rock. They too have demos available on the interweb of connectivity.

Toxic Shock, a staple of another underground scene to remain nameless, served up an early holiday present for fans with the release of a four-song EP, "Cyclist," on Dec. 22. The super-fast, hardcore demo weighs in at 3:07 minutes total running time.

Known for masking their identities behind bags, the male members of Toxic Shock are a mystery wrapped in an enigma, with names like Josh and Dan. The band is fronted by the unmasked Greta, who would give some male punk rock vocalists a run for their money if competition was something endeared by the scene. It's not though. Camaraderie is more of the flavor than competition.

This is a record store, kids, so it's an all-ages show for everyone. Bring your grandmother, but don't break anything.