Waller is "simple, heartfelt, American songs," said lead singer/songwriter Jason Waller.

In other words, Waller is whiskey by the bonfire while sitting in a collapsible camping chair. Like a setting summer sun, Waller's voice mingles with Tiffany Blalock's in a dusk of warm harmonies.

Blalock will most certainly call up comparisons to Janis Joplin and other Southern sirens of '60s and '70s country rock staples, but it is the pairing of their vocals that distinguishes Waller from folk groups of yore and today.

They have been singing together for three-plus years. Their voices complementing and dancing around each other has enchanted listeners from the start of their collaboration.

At hollerforwaller.com, fans can sample most of the band's music for free. May I recommend the upbeat "Stoke the Fire" or the cozy "Stay In" - the alternative to the go-out-all-night-and-party, auto-tuned self-indulgences of Miley Cyrus and the like.

A traveling troupe of musicians, Waller's four-piece acoustic (save for an electric guitar) sound will be touring Georgia and bouncing around South Carolina between now and October, with an Aug. 29 stop in Tennessee.

"Transportation, gas, food, lodging, promoting, (and) booking is a lot of work to facilitate, but it is fun being with my friends, traveling and meeting new people," Waller said.

A two-week tour of St. Croix expanded Waller's understanding of how to survive by simply playing music. In addition to newfound survival skills, they also discovered a unique business model to help keep fuel in the tank and food on the plates: homemade hammocks.

"I tend to sleep in a hammock whenever possible," Waller said. "That's one way we cut costs on the road. Waller Hammocks are going to be our next piece of merchandise we sell at shows."

So, maybe a hammock, rather than the camping chair, by the bonfire makes for a better description.

Most of Waller's trips this summer will consist of three- to four-day runs. Good news, Savannah: They like it here and want to come down as much as they can.

On Sept. 7, in fact, the band is slated to enthrall Dub's down on River Street. More and more the band has discovered "there are a lot of places to set up and play that feed ya and drink ya and make it worth our while to earn an honest day of work playing music."

Though Waller enjoys the Hostess City, he admitted, "I also have a good friend, Cory Chambers, who plays in City Hotel ... so that's another reason I like to come down here."

Meeting people and making new friends is a major part of Waller's mission to bring down-home country music and lively performances to its audiences.

In the vein of John Prine, Waller can tell a goofy story with one track, and then rip out your heart with the next (or so they aspire).

Waller emphasizes the importance of music and art.

"I believe we bring a quality human experience and want to share it with as many folks as possible," he said.


What: Waller

Where: The Sentient Bean, 13 E. Park Ave.

When: 8-10 p.m. July 18

Cost: $5 suggested donation

Info: www.sentientbean.com; www.hollerforwaller.com