Powerkompany, based out of Athens, is a collaboration between members of Venice is Sinking and Packwayhandle Band.

Coming together was a natural direction for husband-and-wife musicians Marie Davon and Andrew Heaton (who play scientists by day).

"I started writing songs and playing them around the house, and Andrew would hear them and start playing guitar or violin along with me. Then one day, Venice is Sinking got offered a show, but we couldn't play it, so I offered to fill in with some songs solo," Davon said.

Powerkompany's Savannah show will be another solo performance for Davon, which Heaton said is a treat for audiences.

"She comes with her pedals, keyboard and tracks to give a blowout performance. You'll get to hear her sing her extensive range, too."

The duo recently released a new full-length album, "I Am More Than This," inspired by a single drawing.

"The title has a couple different meanings, depending on your perspective," Davon said.

"The phrase originally came to mind when I was looking at an illustration my friend Eva Reitzel gave to me of a sad panda sitting hunched in the corner of an ornate room. I felt that the panda wanted to live a different life and felt like he was more than just what you saw," she said.

"In that case, the phrase is hopeful and almost pleading. I think the phrase can also be interpreted as a little arrogant and from the bold sound of the title track on the album, it has a little more of that meaning going on."

Their favorite piece of praise for the album thus far came from Dan Mistich at Spindle magazine, who called the album "something truly innovative," Heaton said.

This is high praise, considering reinvention is something they strive for and is supported by Heaton's choice of his favorite Powerkompany lyric:

"I'm whatever I could be, would be, trying to find. Everything, everywhere, somewhere maybe to hide,

"Never caught up, always passed by, it's not the last you crossed my mind,

"I feel like spare wooden parts glued together at the seams."

The songs revolve also around "hope, change and nostalgia," Davon said, and she's excited to bring these to The Sentient Bean audience.

"The Bean has a great intimate setting that allows for experimentation, and Savannah crowds have an appreciation for music that I haven't seen in many places. It's the one town where my old band, Venice is Sinking, had crowd surfing at a house party."

The album was released by Mazarine Records, an artist-run, nonprofit label out of Athens that's also released records by Savannah's Dare Dukes, along with Pacific UV and Hope for Agoldensummer.

Davon got the ball rolling with Mazarine by sending a copy of their song, "Comfort."

"Suny Lyons of Popheart Productions really liked it and invited us to join the Mazarine team. We love being a part of such a talented community," Davon said.

Living in the South has impacted their music in other ways, too.

"I appreciate the small things, such as seeing the paint peeling off the side of the abandoned gas station, the ornate graffiti tags on rusted roofs, driving the two-lane road out of town lined with old farmhouses, cows or goats in the front yard, maybe an inflatable pool.

"Life is slow down here and that allows for time to write and think about the details," Davon said.


What: Powerkompany

When: 8 p.m. July 19

Where: The Sentient Bean, 13 E. Park Ave.

Cost: $5 suggested donation

Info: www.powerkompany.com