If easy guitars and pretty vocals are your preference for live music, then the Aug. 2 show at The Jinx is not for you.

However, if you like your live music gritty, dirty and full of bone-crushing sound, then it is recommended you make your way to there about 10 p.m. or so for noise rockers KEN mode and the self-proclaimed "ruff rock" of Athens' Savagist.

"(The Jinx is) awesome, they treat us right," Savagist frontman Clem Adams said. "It's kind of like our second home. We have our home club here (Athens), and it feels like that there; like we're at home. We've played with Weedeater there, and it was a great show."

Currently, Savagist is not on an official tour. They are hard at work on their second full-length EP, set to drop in late fall. The band's freshman album, "Domestic Becoming Feral" was released on Feb. 17, 2012. The Aug. 2 set list will include a couple of new tracks the band is currently recording.

"We all have been in multiple bands here in Athens," Adams said. "The drummer, Jason Richardson, and I got together and just started [Editor's note: Let's pretend he said 'fudging' here] around. We were just looking for something heavy."

"Domestic" is a five-track, face-warping journey of anarchy laced with 1950's vocal dubs and an onslaught of polyrhythmic discourse. Any fan of Mastodon, Meshuggah, Black Sabbath or similar gods of metal will most assuredly be a fan of Savagist's "ruff rock."

But, before you paint the metallurgies into a corner, be aware that artistic influence can come from anywhere. It's quite possible this band was listening to Michael Jackson or Dr. Hook prior to playing the show.


What: Savagist and KEN Mode

When: 10 p.m. Aug. 2

Where: The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St.

Info: facebook.com/jinx.savannah, www.savagist.org and www.ken-mode.com

"We have an extensive tape collection in the van," Adams said. "We listen to '80s pop hits. Listen to metal. Lots of gold country. Lot of hip-hop. I mean we're not anything specific, we pretty much cover it all."

KEN mode's noise rock is noisy. But, past that obvious observation, the band' intricate melodies and responding harmonies create a symphonic sludge of force, piloted by frontman Jesse Matthewson's mostly comprehensible lyrics.

The Winnipeg, Manitoba, natives are in the second month of touring on their fifth album, "Entrench," released in March of this year. The tour wraps in November, and spans the entire U.S. Eastern Seaboard, the West and the Midwest. The final two months culminate with European and Canadian dates.

KEN mode, formed by brothers Jesse and Shane Matthewson in 1999, has won several awards and made a name for themselves in the metal scene, not only in Canada, but also in the U.S. (Including a "Best New Track" nod from the indie music website Pitchfork.)

Their fourth album, "Venerable," won a Juno Award in Canada in 2012. (The Junos are our northern neighbor's comparable Grammy Award.) The album was also nominated for Rock Album of the Year by the Western Canadian Music Awards.

If you fancy yourself a fan of metal, this upcoming show at The Jinx will be sure to rock your socks.