Matt Butcher is no Lone Ranger, but that hasn't stopped him from teaming with Tonto on Aug. 30 at The Jinx for an evening of good old rock 'n' roll, which should provide more entertainment than the two-plus hours of a certain failed summer blockbuster.

Born across the pond in Birmingham, England, Butcher has lived stateside for much of his life.

He and his family roamed around a bit until they finally settled in Orlando, Fla., where Butcher established himself as a musician. Living in Nashville for the past two years has been a bit of a change for him.

"It's made me appreciate the music scene in Orlando and my relationship to it. Back there, I could fill a 400-capacity joint. I had a lot of support," he said.

While he has yet to experience such a following in Nashville, Butcher believes the move has positively impacted his creativity and his music.

No doubt it was a good move considering the guy has opened for the Avett Brothers - and even has one performing Butcher's song on his website.

Officially billed as Matt Butcher and the Schoolyard Band, he will be backed up by vocalist and bassist Cullen Tierney, as well as Pete Pulkrabek on vocals and drums.

The trio, with the help of a few other musicians, is in the process of wrapping up work on Matt's third album titled "The Kids are Gone."

Butcher hopes the new album will land sometime by the end of 2013 or early 2014, when he may mosey back through town on an album tour. You can keep track of him at

For now, he and his band are on a small city run from Asheville to Athens and then Savannah.


What: Tonto, Matt Butcher and the Schoolyard Band

When: 10 p.m. Aug. 30

Where: The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St.


"I played Savannah a few times before, at The Sentient Bean," Butcher said.

He is excited to be trying The Jinx on for size, as well as sharing the bill with local rock band, Tonto. Butcher's sound is more early Beatles and quasi-Elvis (without the un-hunhs and with a British accent), which should be nicely complimented by Tonto's gruffer rock.

One song on Tonto's upcoming album is titled "Out with the Old," yet Tonto's music styling embraces late '60s/early '70s hard rock in the vein of such mainstays as ZZ Top and Cactus. There is also a bluesy edge to their songs, which are often about one type of woman or another.

If you find yourself asking, "Who or what is Tonto?" just listen a little closer, because lead vocalist and guitarist Anders Thomsen, bassist Corey Barhorst and drummer Lee "Big Dirty" Vallier each play in a number of other Savannah bands.

When the Jinx called upon Tonto to perform with Matt Butcher, Barhorst said, "We were all about it. Each of us has played many shows at the Jinx. It's a great place and they thought we'd go well with Butcher's sound."

The upcoming show will be the group's third, possibly fourth, time rolling together as Tonto.

Like Butcher, Tonto also has an album release slated for the end of the year. Fans of the local Savannah music scene will be able to catch Tonto often in the near future because the group plans on booking more shows since recording wrapped two weeks ago.

As far as the bandmates' other gigs go, Thomsen plays with Damon and the Sh*tkickers; Barhorst plays with Niche and Savannah metal scene stalwart, Kylesa; and Big Dirty tears it up with Niche as well as Bear Fight! here in town.

The three came together just over a year and a half ago because Barhorst and Anders had wanted to play together for a while, then they met Lee and started jamming.

The name sort of fell into place - and no, they were not aware, as Barhorst said, that "some Lone Ranger remake was about to pollute the movie scene."