Guys, get out your high-top Converse All-Stars, and ladies, get out your polka dot dresses. The rockabilly sound is about to hit the town.

Local greasers Crazy Man Crazy will be joined by Florida's Coon Doggin' Outlaws for a blast of some good rock 'n' roll Sept. 7 at The Jinx. Izzy of Mudtown is set to open for the bands.

Crazy Man Crazy is that band that likes to get you moving. With roughly 45-minute, non-stop, high-energy shows, these local guys have been on a mission to bring the sound they love to the Savannah music scene.

"We love playing rockabilly," Crazy Man Crazy's Doghouse (Upright Bass) player Steve Palmer said. "The original idea was to put on a show. There was no real rockabilly band in Savannah."

"We were trying to bring in that whole drive-in, pinup girls, hot rod, rebel vibe," Crazy Man Crazy's Howler (vocals) Sean "Con Man" Conradson added. "It's huge on the West Coast, and it's starting to grow here."

Palmer moved to Savannah from Southern California in 2004 and for years had been working to get a rockabilly band together. In 2011, he found the voice he was looking for.

"(Conradson) walked into the door with a six-pack of PBR and we started jamming," Palmer said.

"He started singing and it was dead on. This guy looks like James Hetfield and sings like Elvis."

With the right lineup in place, the band started booking shows with whatever venues would take them. For the last few years, they've been the kind of working band you read about in posthumous biographies. They even won a Battle of the Bands at Wild Wing Cafe.

You will hear a lot of cover songs, but they also have about a dozen original tunes. For these guys, it's all about the show. They want to see people dressing up, dancing and having a good time.

"We all have stage names," Palmer said. "And that's part of what Crazy Man Crazy is all about. Instead of just having a band, we're going for the full rockabilly show experience. In doing so, you have to have the stage props, you have walk the walk, talk the talk and do it all."

On the other side of the slick coin is Coon Doggin' Outlaws, whose focus has been not only on playing great rockabilly shows, but also on keeping the style alive.

They released a self-titled, 10-track album on March 10, 2012, and are currently recording their second all-original album.

The Coon Doggin' Outlaws are a little edgier than Crazy Man Crazy. They toe the line of rockabilly, psychobilly and punkabilly, incorporating stranger themes into their music with accents on more modern rock 'n' roll styles.

Frontman Anton Lauter formed the band with longtime friend and Doghouse maestro Brett Huff after their high school punk band split.

"As we got older, we got more into rockabilly," Lauter said.

"When the punk band split up, we started a rockabilly band together. We've been playing for about two years ago. It's still a punk rock scene, but it's a little more mature."

The upcoming show will be the second time the band has played in Savannah. The first was with Crazy Man Crazy, as well, and according to both parties involved, it was a great show.

While their approach to the music may differ from Crazy Man Crazy, Coon Doggin' Outlaws still focus on what makes their style of music popular in our modern world littered with thousands of approaches to rock 'n' roll.

"We're always trying to think of ways to get better live," Lauter said. "We've got a long way to go. We're really energetic and entertaining. We do little things. Like, setting up a campfire and telling stories."

The band hopes the new album will propel not only the band but also the style of music they love - and that most people associate with the 1950s - back to the forefront of the American music scene.

"We're taking our time with the second album," he said. "Not going to rush it at all. It's been almost two years since the last album, so we've spent a lot of time writing. We're trying to not sound typical. We're trying to have our own sound."

What's the best venue for a rockabilly show in Savannah?

A boozers' bar decorated with musical oddities, a bull skull above the stage and barkeeps with sleeved blades and quick wit, The Jinx is the right vibe for the kind of show these guys put on.

"The Jinx is perfect for this kind of music," Palmer said. "In a way, the Jinx is set up for this type of music. The Jinx is The Jinx, and it's great. The people there really enjoy us playing there."

"The Jinx is probably one of the best places we've played," Lauter said. "It's not because there's a big rockabilly scene. The venue itself is awesome and Savannah is a great place."


What: Crazy Man Crazy, Coon Doggin' Outlaws and Izzy of Mudtown

When: Sept. 7

Where: The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St.

Info: 912-236-2281