Hang Fire, the eclectic bar at 37 Whitaker St., has again been hosting occasional bands - great news for the local music scene.On my last visit to Hang Fire a few weeks ago, dozens turned out for a show produced by Graveface Records and headlined by Nothing from Philadelphia, with openers Sauna Heat and Blackrune.It's hard to imagine that particular show being in any other venue in the city, especially on a slow summer Monday night.Hang Fire looks to have a similarly good time lined up for Sept. 3, with headliner Jamaican Queens, Savannah's Make Westing and Dip from Athens.Detroit's Jamaican Queens is an indie trio influenced by synth pop, hip hop and other styles, but I'm especially curious to hear Make Westing, a project started by Lucas Carpenter of Deep Search, a band that was really popular among SCAD students.The experienced musicians in Make Westing just started playing together in April, but the band is already pretty tight and planning to record soon."The sound is still in its developmental stages, considering we're still a new-ish band," Carpenter said. "But the songwriting is largely influenced by a lot of post-punk revival bands like The Libertines, The White Stripes and some more current stuff like Tokyo Police Club."Guitarist and lead singer Carpenter is joined by bassist Madison Hamburg, who has performed regularly with Corey Hines, and drummer Ben Joyner, whose resume even includes a few gigs with up-and-coming band Matrimony. Make Westing's sound isn't the only thing that's evolving. The band is also likely to choose a new name. "Make Westing" references a Jack London short story and is also the name of a bar in Oakland, but the band doesn't feel like it quite fits.In addition to the show at Hang Fire, Make Westing is one of four bands that will be performing on Broughton Street for Fashion's Night Out Savannah on Sept. 5. You'll no doubt be reading a lot more about the event that is replacing Vogue's Fashion's Night Out, which was put on hiatus for at least this year.There will be a few thousand people on Broughton Street that evening, which should prove excellent exposure for a talented young act like Make Westing. Bill Dawers writes City Talk in the Savannah Morning News and blogs at Savannah Unplugged (www.billdawers.com). He can be reached via billdawers@comcast.net. 

IF YOU GOWhat: Jamaican Queens, Make Westing, DipWhen: 10 p.m. Sept. 3Where: Hang Fire, 37 Whitaker St.Info: www.facebook.com/hangfirebar