Savannah Stopover Music Festival, in partnership with Dollhouse Productions, announced Thursday the release of the Stopover Sessions @ Dollhouse Studios on the newly launched Savannah Stopover Sessions bandcamp page. During the three-day festival March 7-9, 2013, six Stopover bands participated in live, intimate studio recordings in support of the festival.Participating artists included: Field Report, Country Mice, HOTT MT, young buffalo, Fine Peduncle, and this mountain. Each session contains several songs recorded exclusively at Dollhouse Studios in front of a small live audience, including a rare and deeply personal version of the critically acclaimed track  "I Am Not Waiting Anymore" by Field Report. The exclusive recordings can be streamed and downloaded on the Savannah Stopover/Dollhouse Studios bandcamp page HERE. Sessions are priced at $5 - $7 and each session may be downloaded separately. Additionally, a "best of" Stopover Sessions compilation containing one song from each artist is available for $8 and includes a bonus track from Savannah-based band mumbledust.
One accompanying video for each of the sessions will be released on the Savannah Stopover YouTube channel in the coming weeks and will be linked to the bandcamp site.