Athens-based synth-rock band Twin Tigers has a surprise for its Savannah fans.

The band released a new album, "Death Wish," on April 9, and is coming to The Jinx on Saturday to perform it at the start of a five-week national tour.

"We've played Savannah a bunch," says guitarist/vocalist Matthew Rain. "Our shows in Savannah have been really good. We've got some good friends there."

The name "Death Wish" seems somewhat surprising.

"I don't know if we would have named it that if we'd known how provocative the name seems to be," Rain says. "We're actually kind of soft-core."

The album contains eight songs, all original material.

"The last song is kind of epic - nine minutes long," Rain says.

"In 2013, the attention span has gotten so small, it's hard to let people take in a whole song, much less a whole record."

The songs have a collective feel.

"This album was just all on our own," Rain says. "It was all produced internally.

"We recorded it ourselves and produced it ourselves. We're very excited."

In Savannah, the audience will hear the new songs.

While Rain is the main songwriter, everyone shares in the writing duties.

"Some songs are more finished than others," Rain says. "I write all the words and have essential melodies, but everyone who participates brings in different things."

Rain formed the band with Aimee Morris, the band's bassist and backup vocalist. Other members are Forrest Hall on guitar and Logan Hornbuckle on drums.

"I bring the songs first to Logan," Rain says. "We put together the entire structure to how it's going to be. Forrest engineered our album and did a fantastic job."

In Savannah, Twin Tigers will play with label mates, Turf War.

"We've never played a show with them before," Rain says. "We certainly are looking forward to sunny Savannah."


What: Twin Tigers

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Where: The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St.