"To all you freaks who get 'over-the-top service' or even just good service in restaurants, not tipping or walking out on checks is shameful! You take food/clothing from children!"

"Instead of pay for performance for teachers, why not pay for performance for parents?"

"There are no bicycles on the sidewalk. I've called the city and they don't care. I'm going to put sticks in their spokes."

"On the subject of criminals being bonded: This country has become obsessed with incarceration. Bad. Especially nonviolent crimes."

"I was reading the article about Bill Maher. I wouldn't go see him if I got a free ticket. People will pay money to see him? No way! He needs to go back where he came from!" [Editor's note: Read more about Bill Maher on Page 4 of this issue of DO.]

"I hope City Council is watching what is going on in Camden County. A commissioner is being prosecuted for racketeering charges. It could be you next!"

"I am going to correct the erroneous idea that the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs are symbols of the Christian religion. It is not. Fact is, they are symbols of the Pagan rites of spring and fertility. They are not part of the Christian religion! Wake up, people!"

"Has anyone else noticed that 103.1
The Drive plays the same songs over and over?"

"I'd like to see a follow-up to the story about the man that went to the Braves game. I'd like to hear how he enjoyed his trip!"

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