Here's a fun show.

Massachusetts-based pop-rockers Secret Lover are teaming up with Savannah-based performance group The House of Gunt for a theatrical evening Jan. 28 at Hang Fire. Fliers announce there will be autographs and kisses from both.

Writing and releasing one album in a year is a monumental task for any working band. Secret Lover released two last year.

The first, "Lucky/Unlucky" dropped in February 2013 and the second, current touring album "Lasso," was unleashed this past December.

Sally Horowitz fronts the band with Jefferson Airplane bravado and is backed by John Guidia (guitar), Lars Paulson (bass) and Dave Paquette (drums).

Described as Velvet Underground with Blondie fronting, this truly working band records all of its own music with no fancy studios in which to mix.

"We recorded it in Lars' bedroom," Horowitz said. "We sort of write them all together. Someone comes with a skeleton of a song and we practice them and then eventually we record.

"We're slowly learning how to mix and master better. The last one sounds the best of all three of our albums. And nobody has gone to school for it," she said.

When pressed on influences, Horowitz admitted to first listening to The Beatles about three years ago, but she also admitted the "boys" were heavily influenced by '60s and '70s rock. For the energetic front woman, her foundation was a little different.

"I grew up listening to jazz and show tunes," Horowitz said. "That was the thing I was into. Maybe that's why we sound retro. The old acts from the '60s listened to the old standards and stuff that I listened to. Maybe there's a similar influence."

On the other end of this wild show is The House of Gunt, a pantsuit-saturated drag show that's probably not for the kids. The House of Gunt features several performers whose names are far too risque to publish.

According to the unreliable Internet, they are looking to destroy the male sex. Expect elaborate costumes, lip-syncing and lots of dancing in their piece titled "Cable Axis Of Evil."

"That's one of the great things about going on tour, all the crazy acts that we get to play with," Horowitz said.

"Like bands from across the country that we never would have heard of. First time with a drag show, though. I think it will work out pretty well.

"We can be pretty theatrical when we play."