What are the Foodie Awards?

About a year ago, Jesse Blanco and his team decided to play with some lists at Eat It and Like It. Where do people really like to go for the best food in Savannah? Is there a difference between the best in town and where locals really like to go? Are there some places that deserve some recognition for doing something spectacularly well but can't get on anyone's radar?

So we set out to Eat and Like our way around Savannah. We've been keeping tabs for the better part of a year on not only who is best in a variety of categories, but who is most consistent and who deserves some love for doing things the right way.

Who decides who is Savannah's best?

Both Jesse Blanco and his business partner, Senea Crystal have a vote. As do the members of the Eat Squad, our writers, Heather Henley, editor of DO Savannah and sponsor Urgent Care 24/7. And you do, as well!

Now through the end of the month, we are asking you to nominate a restaurant and a dish that you think merits a spot among Savannah's best. It could be the apple pie you enjoy every weekend or your favorite place to burn a Sunday afternoon. Have a suggestion? We want to hear it. Your nominations will be considered before final votes are tallied at the end of the month.

Join the Winners at the After Party!

The 2014 Eat It and Like It Foodie Awards is going to be a great evening!

This will not be an awards show where everyone sits around waiting on their category, then come on stage to grab an award. No, this is more of an "after party". We are rolling out the red carpet (literally!) to recognize Savannah's best of the best. And the entire community is invited to celebrate with us. Join us at The Mansion on May 8th at 7 p.m. $30 gets you some drinks, fabulous food, and an opportunity to congratulate the best culinary talent in town.