"I always knew that the Easter bunny was a pagan Communist. Where is Joseph McCarthy when you need him?"

"Now that I learned that my Burning River property belongs to the state, I sure hope some boater doesn't decide to pull up and camp for the weekend. Or, heaven forbid, some homeless person decide to set up a permanent camp on my property!"

"It doesn't make sense why I can't find any ammo for my .22. I think the government is buying up all the ammunition and violating my Second Amendment that way, too."

"There is no one here in the United States who has rights unless they earn them!"

"How can Chatham County pay taxes on worthless property and get away with it? I thought this was the free state of Chatham!"

"I have a big problem with Andres Oppenheimer's "Calling someone illegal is demeaning" article in Tuesday's paper. Sorry, illegal is illegal, whether it is politically correct or not!"

"People keep texting and driving. I've seen two rear-end collisions this week!"

"Why isn't there a blog or website about dumb ads? There are some really dumb ads out there. For example, one I saw said, 'See this 200-year-old tree? That's why I buy gold!"

"Outsiders coming into Savannah are part of the problem!"

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