Savannah, do you want to go on A Journey to India?

Brown Dog Market, part of Savannah Plush, will host its first full show beginning April 12 at Cohen's Retreat.

Visitors will be transported to another time, where two worlds come together in a visual mix of colorful exoticism with traditional bones.

The art show will open with 11 exquisitely furnished and decorated rooms taking you on "A Journey to India," featuring original art by Jan Pagratis, Marcus Kenney, James Kicklighter, Lorie Corbus, Scott Griffin, Tobia Makover, Stuart Damon, Neva Morgan, Bellamy Murphy, Geoff L. Johnson and Chad Mabry - the innovator behind the show.

I caught up with Mabry on Sunday afternoon as he was busily upholstering sofas and cushions for one of the grand rooms that will be part of the experience.

With excitement, he led me from room to colorful room, telling me the idea behind the exhibit.

The exhibit tells a story beginning after the end of the Civil War, when a royal couple escaping British occupation in India sails to the Southern colonies of America.

They arrive to discover the cities are destroyed and take refuge in an abandoned plantation house. Bringing cherished memories of India to their new home, they transform the pre-existing furnished interiors into a world to which they are more accustomed.

Vibrant colors, Indian textiles, and 18th- and 19th-century antiques are the elements that transform the abandoned space to create their new home.

Cohen's Retreat is the perfect setting for this tale, and you will find yourself amid amazing textiles Mabry has brought over from India to be an integral part of the experience.

Savannah favorite Bellamy Murphy, known for her signature paintings of the waterfront, oyster beds and serene Lowcountry landscapes, has new pieces created specifically for the show on display.

Bellamy collectors are in for an exciting treat!

Marcus Kenney wows with new pieces and Tobia Makover's latest transports you to a different time and place. Mabry's art and design creations are integral parts of each room, including a wall constructed of palm fronds that he nearly tossed into the garbage before finding a creative way to display them!

There is a King's Room and a Queen's Room that I imagine to be more glamorous than any palace in India. Lighting plays an important role in the story, the show exhibits.

One-of-a kind furniture, housewares, textiles and art will be for sale throughout the exhibit, which will be open through May 3.

An opening reception will from 7-11 p.m. April 12, with hors d'oeuvres by FORM.

Cohen's Retreat is at 5715 Skidaway Road, between Eisenhower and DeRenne.

Savannah Plush's mission is to provide a space where the community can come together and be part of the growing arts in textiles, food, classrooms, visual arts and much more.

This is an eclectic journey as two cultural styles blend beautifully for an exotic experience, complete with a Southern twist.


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