Some things are just too good to keep to one's self.

Such is the case with Gulfstream Aerospace's Live Well, Be Well Speaker Series, which brings in national experts to discuss financial, physical and relationship topics.

The series will continue April 20 with personal finance guru Suze Orman.

"The speaker series is a continuation of what we already do with health and wellness for our employees," says Jennifer Giffen, vice president of human resources at Gulfstream Aerospace. "Gulfstream has been a huge part of the Savannah community, but the Savannah community is also a huge part of Gulfstream."

The program addresses all aspects of health.

"The Live Well, Be Well program is an initiative by Gulfstream to align our corporate sponsor activities and our community outreach with our employee health and wellness program," says Jason Aiken, senior vice president at Gulfstream and executive sponsor of the Live the Well, Be Well program.

"On one hand, the way we look at health and wellness goes beyond the medical and physical element to include financial health, emotional health," Aiken says. "It is a holistic view. The speaker series is one element of that."

In addition to Orman's lecture, there will be a question-and-answer session and a series of breakout sessions to discuss specific financial topics.

"She's touching on the financial health aspect," Aiken says.

This year's speaker series began Feb. 16 with Tony Robbins, an event that sold out. On Sept. 7, it will continue with Dr. Mehmet Oz, and it will close Jan. 25 with Maria Shriver and Martha Beck.Orman's program will be moderated by Lisa Oz.

"She is Dr. Mehmet Oz's wife, an interviewer and journalist," Giffen says. "She has her own satellite radio show.

"She also is an author and has a book that just came out. She has worked with a few of our speakers before."

Speakers for the series were chosen with care.

"We did extensive research as to who the people would be," Giffen says. "We really tried to stack up a good speaker series, beginning with Tony Robbins.

"Suze Orman is one of the leading financial experts. She has a huge following. Her common-sense approach has helped millions afford a secure financial future.

"These are people we feel that not only our employees but the community can learn from. Then there is the entertainment factor of enjoying someone notable who is not often in Savannah but has a great following."

Proceeds from ticket sales go to community grants.

"We pulled together quite a few community leaders and asked what their needs were," Giffen says. "One of the key components was that all proceeds of the tickets are going back into the community."

The speakers are eager to come to Savannah, Aiken says.

"They all have been anxious to be part of the program," he says. "They've been tremendous to work with. The fact that the program focuses on employees as well as an outreach to the community is sort of intriguing to them.

The Live Well, Be Well program may be the only one of its kind in the area.

"We haven't canvassed the population to know for sure, but it does seem to be somewhat unique," Aiken says.

"We're in the fortunate position where we get to be a big part of the community, and the ability to have this program reaches inside as well as outside Gulfstream. We've gotten some great reaction from it."


What: Gulfstream Aerospace Live Well, Be Well Speaker Series with Suze Orman and Lisa Oz

When: 9:30 a.m. April 20

Where: Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, 1 International Drive

Cost: General admission $10, VIP seating $30

Info:, 919-525-5050