You can bring your own pot to ThincSavannah's party Friday.

Just make sure it has a plant in it - and not the kind that gets people high.

The organizers of Thinc's "Pot Party" make no secret about the name's double entendre, jokingly declaring the event is kicking off "Earth Day and the 4/20 festivities."

"We're going to have some brownies there, but of course, we're keeping it clean," said Summer Teal Simpson, Thinc's creative and social director. "We're piquing interest."

In reality, organizers want potted plants to help green up Thinc's co-working office space downtown. The event doubles as a fundraiser for Forsyth Farmers Market.

A $10 donation for the farmers market or any type of potted plant scores entry to the party, with food from Green Truck Pub and Veri Berri Frozen Yogurt, plus beer from Moon River Brewing Co.

For entertainment, Savannah acoustic-based alt-country duo Waits & Co. is playing after a pre-show setlist put together by the minds at Savannah Stopover.

So far, there's been good response, Simpson said.

"At least among our membership, everyone's really stoked about it. We anticipate a good turnout. Even if people leave disappointed - there's no smoking allowed in the building."

Simpson said Thinc chose to raise money for the farmers market because it's a valuable asset to Savannah.

"We want to kind of remind (attendees) that it's pretty awesome and worth the trip," she said.

The pot party is also going to launch the first in a monthly series of events featuring local businesses and artisans.

Up Friday is Lane Huerta, a Starland District craftswoman who sells her own decorated tea towels and home goods through her company, Love Lane Designs.

Simpson said part of her job is "warming up the space" at Thinc. And it really doesn't matter which kinds of plant attendees bring - cactus, bonsai, anything.

"The bigger the better," she said. "I'd love to have some more established plants that are a bit taller that have presence, because Thinc is such a big space, but we'll take any."


What: ThincSavannah pot party

When: 5-8 p.m. Friday

Where: ThincSavannah, 35 Barnard St., suite 300

Cost: $10 cash donation for the Forsyth Farmers Market or a potted plant