"Who is the genius that decided to make repairs at Belle's Landing during peak season? During the off-season would have been smarter. We have only been dealing with problems at that ramp for 20 years. There was plenty of time for planning!"

"And now Leonard Pitts wants violent murderers in Florida pardoned and released. Wow. No wonder he is despised by so many."

"Thank you, city of Savannah, for the wise use of my tax dollars. I greatly appreciate your paving my street. It certainly needed it. I proudly pay taxes so you can take such good care of our community."

"The stabbing of 14 people on the Lone Star campus demands a commonsense and meaningful response; for example, the pointed end of all knives should be removed and a flat piece of metal permanently attached perpendicularly to the blade. Prospective knife purchasers must be screened for cooking abilities and a required 'need to possess' certificate issued for these potential weapons."

"Can someone please explain to me why there is a patrol car sitting on President Street right before the parkway overpass running radar on law-abiding, tax-paying citizens when there are camps of trespassing, non-working, non-tax-paying people who are illegally squatting on public and private properties?"

"The flashing yellow lights in the school zones should be synchronized with the posted reduced speed limit times. For example, the flashing lights in the school zone at Johnson High School flash at least an hour after the posted times. Which am I supposed to obey, the lights or the signs?"

"To the person who wants to become a policeman so they can run a red light. I was a police officer and there are times that you are called and have to go quickly without sirens or lights. It is necessary to run red lights. Get a life!"

"I see where they are talking about impeaching Obama. That would be terrible because we would get Biden as the next president!"

"I don't understand eye shadow. Is it supposed to make women look prettier?"

"The behavior during Orange Crush is the big problem. Last year at Orange Crush, a man urinated in my yard and threatened to burn my house if I called the police. This year, a man urinated in my flowerbed and laughed at me as he did it. This indecency, along with the danger of guns being fired a block from my house, makes me dread Orange Crush every year."

"Savannah has the worst drivers in the world! Half of you must have gotten your license from Wal-Mart or Kmart!"

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