TEDx Creative Coast (TEDxCC) should be a city-wide holiday and moved to a huge venue, so any and everyone who wants to be inspired by a day of learning can be part of this forward-thinking event.

This year's sold-out event was June 7 at the Jepson Center auditorium and made possible thanks to 11 sponsors and partnering companies.

If you're not familiar with TED, the name is derived from the original premise of discussions about technology, education and design with the tagline, "Ideas Worth Spreading."

The event has grown into a multi-disciplinary event that now includes music and covers behavioral studies and environmental issues - really, the gamut of anything that affects humanity.

The main annual TED seminar is in a different locale each year, where people like Sheryl Sandberg share solutions to problems they see as prevalent in our world.

In Sandberg's case, her TED Talk - as these 8-20 minute presentations are called - launched her best-selling book, "Lean In." This year's TED conference is June 10-14 in Scotland, but you can watch TED Talks from the past free online any time you need a boost of creativity and motivation at www.ted.com/talks.

We are lucky the Creative Coast Alliance and other thought leaders and sponsors in our community have come together to institute a TEDx event in Savannah.

The "x" indicates the event is independently organized, but follows the required format and speaker application process instituted by the main TED organization. For the fifth annual TEDxCC, Kevin Lawver, a board member for the Creative Coast and programmer extraordinaire for Savannah's Rails Machine, suggested the theme, "Decoding Happiness."

As a result, 14 speakers applied to share their personal experiences pursuing happiness.

Each speaker shared nuggets of wisdom during their allotted time that challenged what makes us happy, what we can all do to get happier and even the definition of happiness itself.

Topics ranged from shopping local to striving for a meaningful life over a happy one to getting off the couch and connecting with others. Besides the "Decoding Happiness" theme, I decoded some underlying message uniting these talks:

1. Do what you love.

2. You're responsible for creating your own happiness.

3. Being part of something bigger than yourself leads to happiness.

4. Money does not equal happiness.

5. Strive to be happy now, not when you achieve X, Y or Z.

Charisse Bennett, program director for the Creative Coast, shared why the Creative Coast is dedicated to hosting a TEDx in Savannah every year.

"We feel the mission of TEDx relates strongly to the mission of The Creative Coast 'to nurture the members of the Savannah community engaged in creative or innovative endeavors and to cultivate an environment in which they can thrive.'

"We believe the platform of TEDx provides a great opportunity to showcase the amazing seen and unseen talent of our community," Bennett said.

From 2013's event, Bennett "would love to see more people making connections within the community that they didn't have before. We love to build relationships and see what amazing things can come from new connections right here in our own backyard."

For more information, go to www.facebook.com/TEDxCreativeCoast.