If you like your music with a side of attitude, you'll want to clear your calendar for June 14 as Lovely Locks headlines its first show at the Jinx.

By day, the ladies of Lovely Locks, who describe their sound as "folk-infused pop with an attitude problem" are freelance writers, graphic designers and cooks, but by night, they're a group with "a little guitar, a little percussion and a lot of bad-ass vocals," says member Anna Chandler.

Chandler, who sings and plays accordion and percussion, joins Britt Scott, vocals and percussion, and Crystina Parker, guitar and vocals, to round out the group.

Scott and Parker met at an open-mic night in 2011 and Chandler joined last spring, completing the trio.

All three members write original lyrics and embody an eclectic taste that allows inspiration to come from narratives, life experiences and even mythology.

"One of the first songs we wrote together, 'Siren's Song' was more of a concept of a group of women and harnessing that power you can have as a group and using your voice for that," Scott says.

"If we're all hanging out, a guitar will just appear and we'll start playing. It just always happens," Chandler adds.

"We're all songwriters, so we take turns playing each other's songs and supporting each other. That's the concept of Lovely Locks," she says.

As they often do at their bigger shows, the ladies will have a little help from Tom Worley on drums and Brian Bazemore on bass.

Also performing will be The Accomplices and Rachel Kate. The group has performed at open-mic nights with The Accomplices, and Chandler says they're excited to finally play a headlining show with friends.

Scott says concert-goers can expect a few surprises: "We have some special things planned, some collaborative tunes with the other bands."

"Between everybody in all of the bands, everyone sings, so it's going to be entertaining," Parker says.

The group primarily plays in Savannah and Charleston, but Scott says they have big plans to extend their presence, including new songs, videos and a live session recording that they hope to release in July.

"Things have been in the process. We want to get it right," Scott says. "We've had a lot of support from friends and creative people around town."

"Savannah is good for that," Chandler says. "We'll be playing around this summer a lot. We do our big shows, and we also like to keep it chill, where people can sit down and have dinner or a drink, but we also like to get rowdy."

"All-ages or 21 and up, we try to cover something for everybody."


What: Lovely Locks concert

When: 10 p.m. June 14

Where: The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St.

Cost: Cover charge T.B.D.