"If you are in the market for any appliance, I would not purchase any LG products! I have a 19-month-old LG refrigerator that has an internal coolant leak and has needed repair twice this month. LG won't do anything about it!"

"I am really tired of reading the complaints about poor service from Comcast customers. You do have a choice. If you don't like Comcast, switch to DISH. I switched eight years ago and have never looked back."

"Dear teacher: You want to know why we object to your 1.5 percent raise? Complaining about having to 'deal with our children.' You don't deserve a raise for talking about our kids with that amount of disrespect."

"Those of us who watch 'NCIS' already know about the NSA's huge surveillance database covering every American's phone and Internet records."

"For the person who keeps asking why the man that hit Ben Tucker cannot get bail, it is because he is a flight risk. He is from Texas and has no ties here - case closed."

"I am sorry if you haven't gotten a raise in six years. Look at the other side. I have been retired for 20 years without a raise. Every time you get a raise, I get a cut!"

"Why do we even have an Animal Control when they never answer their phone or call you back? Found a dog and no one cared!"

"The caller who complained about your printing an IRS comment and called you 'leftist idiots' obviously does not read the Savannah Morning News."

"I had a pet snake, a python, 10 feet long, and I gave him to my neighbor, but I do not think the neighbor is taking care of him, so could I get Chief Willie Lovett to send a squad car and pick him up?"

"To the idiot who thought that just because I didn't answer the door didn't mean I was home and armed: Welcome."

"How can you trust what restaurant employees do to your food any more? Eat at home!"

"Regarding the ongoing issue of beer temperature: Mr. Parker's beer is sold way too cold to offer the customer much enjoyment if consumed in the parking lot. However, by the time they get it home, it will probably be at just the right temp, which runs from about 42 to 55 degrees."

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