"Another day and another wreck at Exit 109 (of Interstate 95 N). (The Georgia Department of Transportation) has let us down. Can't they put up a digital sign just after the airport exit that warns 'dangerous exit ahead, prepare to brake'?"

"I'm still waiting for the uproar and loss of endorsements over Serena Williams' derogatory comment about the Steubenville rape victim."

"Some people just can't resist! They start out writing a letter about a cruise ship terminal in Savannah and end up spouting against Pelosi and Obama. Does everything you do have to reflect your hatred?"

"If they quit giving food stamps to people over 300 pounds, that would reduce the number of people on food stamps by 80 percent!"

"Why does common sense mean being in agreement with the person using the term?"

"All citizens shall undergo a polygraph test to determine if they have ever said a certain word. Individuals who test positive for saying this word in the past shall be sent to a concentration camp for re-education."

"If we are going to spend many billions of dollars to upgrade our southern border, we should at least try to save some money by hiring undocumented immigrants to do the work. They work cheaper and harder, and they are already in the area."

"I once had a cat that was so intelligent that she could turn on the cable TV and change channels until she got the program that she wanted to watch. I bought her from COMCATS!"

"Now that the police have solved the ever-important Barkley case, maybe they can catch the person who butchered the azaleas on Abercorn. There's trimming and then there is hacking. They probably killed them!"

"I wish we could stop discussing bodily functions and non-functions on TV."

"Ms. Deen has been such an ambassador for Savannah and does so much good in our communities with her projects. Shame on the Food Network for jumping to the decision
they did."

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