Do Savannah has a new home on the web and a new mobile app for iPhone and Android. As with all new things, there are likely to be some rough edges and bugs here and there, so we welcome your feedback. Just sign in (use your Facebook login if you like) and comment here.

Here are some things to be looking for on our new website:

Responsive design: No matter whether you have a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, should adjust itself and display nicely. For extra fun, flip your tablet between horizontal and vertical, or resize your browser on a desktop or laptop. Some people can be amused for hours ....

Deep coverage of Savannah's creative community: Our team of staff and community-based writers is dedicated to keeping you on top of what's happening in arts, music, community, food, movies ... and, of course, weird Savannah. Take a look at our events calendar -- the deepest and most thorough collection of listings in the region.

For your ears, not just your eyes:  Our MusicFile columnists Kayne Lanahan, Peter Robaudo and Selah Delacos are curating a playlist of music by bands from here, coming here, been here. Just tap and listen.

The social view: We aggregate photos  from Twitter and Instagram. Just tag your pictures #dosavannah to make sure they show up here.

And don't forget to download our app. With the app, you get mapping and geolocated databases of bars, restaurants and attractions. "Check in" and post where you're going. Share photos of what you see with people like you right here in our community. For big events, we'll send "push" notifications throughout the day so you know what's going on. The app is a great complementary tool that works in parallel with the website, not as a replacement. 

Again, this is all new, so feel free to send feedback to us via email at or sign in and post it here.