"Bicycle riders: Obey traffic laws! You don't ride four abreast down Bull Street!"

"There is a commercial on TV showing a lawyer driving at night with dark glasses. He needs to change this commercial."

"Thank you, Paula Deen. Last Sunday, I read the paper much faster, as I threw away all the ads from those stores who dropped you. My wallet is thinner because I also cut up their credit cards."

"Last week, the Pooler City Council voted to allow for the erection of a 150-foot digital sign on I-95 and a 100-foot digital sign on Pooler Parkway for the new outlet mall - a clear example of our elected officials representing the best interest of developers instead of residents."

"If there is no food in the house for a small child to get breakfast, then there is no food in the house for a teenager to eat! Of course they're going to eat at school, they need to!"

"I would like to see Dave Chappelle eat at The Lady & Sons and enjoy his meal!"

"I agree that the bridge needs to be named the Savannah River Bridge."

"You really should think before you write in. The people who can't feed their small children can't feed their middle or high school children. No one is taught how to survive or how to make it. Everyone is waiting on a handout."

"Lio is cute and quirky and is my favorite comic strip. If you want to get rid of one, get rid of Rose is Rose. It is so lame!"

"First of all, Yankees aren't invading Savannah. Yankees are Americans. Savannah is in the United States. So before you spout your mouth off, why don't you read a book and expand your little mind!"

"Here is a dumb history question. How is it that Truman got a parkway named for him while Eisenhower, a much more popular president, only got a side street?"

"When you go out to eat, don't order fried food and then complain that it's greasy. Hello! It's cooked in oil!"

"We just saw four thieves at Outback Steakhouse on the Fourth of July. Three out the side door and big mama thief out the front door. Outback has cameras and I hope they get caught! Shame on people teaching their kids to steal!"

"To the idiots behind me who put nasty signs on my fence: You need to get a life! Join a museum. Can you even read? Then read a book. Do something besides trying to intimidate me!"

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