"President Trump is the best president we have had in years. These sore loser Democrats and Republicans need to do their jobs and stop acting like children."

 "Would somebody please give Mayor DeLoach the name of a good barber?"

"$131 per home in Chatham County is a lot of money. Didn't seem to provide for the vast majority of Hurricane Matthew clean up. Just saying money is tight for a lot of us."

 "Way to go Linda Wilder Bryan for telling the truth about Judge Odell."

"Trump is not evil. He's just a garden variety idiot."

"This is to the caller who said forget about the arena build more jails and hire more policeman and keep these gangs in jail: You couldn't build the jails big enough fast enough and hire enough police to even knock a dent in the crime in Savannah."

"People are misunderstanding drug or alcoholism as addiction. The fact is yes, it's a choice to do drugs or a choice to drink. But it is not a choice to have the gene that causes one to become addicted to these substances. That is a very different thing. Addiction is not a choice, it's a gene."

 "Drivers in Savannah are some of the worst I've ever seen and I used to live in Boston."

 "Whoever came up with this idea of putting apartments in neighborhoods?"

 "What harm have sea turtles done to mankind? It's so sad your focus is on the last chapter of the Bible. You miss the real message God sent to us. He asked we love one another and care about the wonderful things he created."