"You raised taxes for waste on the side of the road to $131 a year. That is way too high. Most people never put anything out. $50 is enough to pay for something you don't use."

 "You want to put the new arena in a very high crime area, nothing against the good people that live there. Find another area to spend your tax money."

"To the person who doesn't know history about why the 3rd ID is going to Afghanistan: Google Sept. 11, 2001, and learn from history."

 "I don't know about the other schools in the Savannah-Chatham school district, but I noticed this morning on a Saturday driving by there are teachers and staff working at Marsh Point, Coastal Middle, Islands and May Howard getting our schools ready for the coming year. Hats off to you hardworking, dedicated teachers and staff. Have a good year."

 "President Obama was not bashed? You must have been in a self-induced coma for the 8 years that President Obama was the president."

"What is with commercial these days? They're either disgusting, stupid or disgustingly stupid."

 "This goes out to Don Mariska of Bluffton: No sir you are not just a cranky old party pooper. This nation is in serioustrouble."