"I'm responding to UPS never ringing or knocking when they deliver a package. Not true in my area. The lady that brings packages from UPS always rings the bell to let me know that something is outside."

 "Pooler has everything. Only thing we need now is Disney World. What a mess."

 "Consolidation may be great for Jacksonville, but it is bad for Savannah and Chatham County. That merged police department needs to stay merged and they better not use one dime of my tax dollars to create a Chatham County Police Department. I live in the city limits, so I'll have a police department. I don't want to see one dime of my money used for that purpose."

"I'm glad to see that the city contractors left the grass cut with the clippings on the grass and in the street in the gutter in Magnolia Park. They've been doing that in my depressed neighborhood of West Savannah for years. I've complained over and over. So Magnolia Park, welcome to my world.

"If the intersection you're going through no longer has the yield sign, then you no longer yield. You have the right of way."

 "My car asked me to call and say 'Please stop fixing President Street.'"