"I get the feeling that Mark Streeter is petty and upset as much as Leonard Pitts. Maybe I'm getting it the wrong way, though."

"You hit the nail on the head about that lotto, Mr. Streeter. It's always somebody else's luck for me, too."

"When you hate the haters then you're stooping down to their level, and you're no better than them. Let's stop this hate."

"A country divided against itself cannot stand."

"Could someone tell me where the statue is that glorified people who flew into the twin towers and where they're going to put the statue to glorify the person that drove the vehicle into those people in France and Spain?"

"Taking statues down that were only put up because of arrogance to intimidate people is long overdue. Take them down, melt them down. Better late than never."

"Let me see if I understand this correctly: The party of Lincoln wants to keep the Confederate statues?"

"The American people have already spoken up. It was last November, remember?"

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